Range penalty (in General)

Duke September 23 2011 3:18 AM EDT

What are the current range penalty i am under the impression that its only the PTH part that receive a penalty.

QBRanger September 23 2011 7:07 AM EDT

Nobody knows the exact penalty except perhaps those with access to the code.

The penalty is for PTH only and DD damage.

AdminNightStrike September 23 2011 8:06 AM EDT

I'm fairly certain Jon posted the penalties when all that stuff was shaken up. I'd search the old change logs.

Duke September 23 2011 9:09 AM EDT

10% penalty per round sound like for most of you ?

Quyen September 23 2011 9:46 AM EDT

With a Helm of Clearsight 58%/55%/52%/49%/46%/0% reductions in rounds 1/2/3/4/5/6 respectively

this? :o

QBRanger September 23 2011 10:20 AM EDT

I know that is the DD penalty, not certain if that is the CTH penalty.

QBRanger September 23 2011 10:20 AM EDT

IIRC, Jon never posted the exact ranged penalties to PTH.

Sickone September 23 2011 10:29 AM EDT

Well, technically, there's also a ranged physical damage penalty of very roughly either -30% or -40% of melee damage, can't exactly recall, but since very few people use ranged weapons in melee, you might as well think of it as a +40%/+60% bonus damage for melee instead (again, don't recall the exact amount) - you do get a huge PTH penalty for melee (depending on weapon type used), and you only fire every other round (I don't remember for sure, but I thinks slings are exempt and fire each round - or was it crossbows?) :D

Duke September 23 2011 10:29 AM EDT

Its just have strike me that range penalty work weird, again immortal is ToA tank have did only a single hit in round 1 and 2 vs my jiggy. I can presume here that its (PTH*range penalty)-evasion. The current formula help lower dex/pth to be able to land a few hit on higher dex/pth minion, but its made dodging defence flawed by round 4 or 5 you can get hit regardless of your stats best EX would be novice vs MM jiggy.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] September 23 2011 10:51 AM EDT

IIRC, Jon never posted the exact ranged penalties to PTH.

No, but I'm pretty sure JS and I composed them together awhile back when NS was doing some testing if you want to search for the thread.
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