In chat? Help a NUB out. (in General)

AdminTitan October 3 2011 10:27 AM EDT

Help this NUB out.

havingtorestartagain was formerly known as DrkZeraga
notusing was formerly known as DrkZeraga
()FASG was formerly known as DrkZeraga

That's what's on the community page now. Judging by the names he's having a rough time, maybe stuck in the tutorial or something? Idk. I'd help him out, but I can't access chat at work.

AdminTitan October 3 2011 10:39 AM EDT

His current account seems to be DrkZeraga, and he's fighting right now, hopefully he's in chat.

Adios Muchachos October 3 2011 10:52 AM EDT

Not in chat right now.

AdminTitan October 3 2011 10:54 AM EDT

:( .... He's even in my clan. It sucks that CM's only go through when you click on the home screen... he's fighting right now, in my clan, and I can't even talk to him.

Adios Muchachos October 3 2011 10:59 AM EDT

We need a "You got mail!" button on the sidebar

Demigod October 3 2011 11:56 AM EDT

We need a "You got mail!" button on the sidebar

Someone started working on that a year ago, but it went the way of most of the other changes in the "100 papercuts" list.

QBOddBird October 3 2011 12:11 PM EDT

It's still stupid that you can't get into chat immediately upon joining the game

QBRanger October 3 2011 1:52 PM EDT

The whole tutorial is a barrier to getting people to join the game and stay.

The inability to chat, which is one of the best parts of the game, should be available from the getgo.

AdminTitan October 3 2011 1:57 PM EDT

I thought NS changed it so they are in chat from start. I can't be 100% sure on that. He'd have to confirm or deny.

AdminNightStrike October 3 2011 2:55 PM EDT

Jon changed it, then changed it back. I do not know where it currently stands.
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