Ranger/Fish deal (in Public Record)

QBRanger October 4 2011 12:16 AM EDT

Fishsticks is insta his DB NW 2.1M to my named DB The Long Walk [0] (+105) $17,334,888 at a 75% rate.

1.5M for the naming, over 9 months left.

Total owed is 12.9M to be paid at least 1M a week.

The named boots are on loan for 6 more days. I will loan him my unnamed 101 DBs until they return and then I will xfer them to him.

I will loan the 101 boots once Fish confirms.

Fishead October 4 2011 1:36 AM EDT

Confirmed. Thanks Ranger.

From IP To What When Fishsticks (Fish Tanks) QBRanger (Horror) A Pair of Displacement Boots ($2120767) 1:35 AM

QBRanger October 4 2011 8:01 AM EDT

QBRanger (Horror) Fishsticks (Fish Tanks) loan A Pair of Displacement Boots ($15738538) 8:00 AM EDT

For 1 week, till my named ones get back.

QBRanger October 6 2011 8:46 PM EDT

QBRanger (Horror) Fishsticks (Fish Tanks) The Long Walk ($17334888) 8:46 PM EDT

Let the payments start.

Fishead October 8 2011 11:55 PM EDT

Fishsticks (Fish Tanks) QBRanger (Horror) $1900000 11:54 PM EDT

QBRanger October 10 2011 8:01 PM EDT

Fishy is insta up his TSA NW 4.8M to mine NW 15.3.

Difference in naming is free.

That addds 7.9M more to his debt making it a total now of 12.9-1.9+7.9=18.9M.

18.9M to be paid at 1M a week.

Once he confirms, I will send my TSA.

Fishead October 10 2011 8:03 PM EDT


Fishead (Fish Tanks) QBRanger (Horror) A Shark Skin Armor ($4821111) 8:02 PM EDT

Fishead October 16 2011 6:16 AM EDT

Fishead (Fish Tanks) QBRanger (Horror) $1000000 6:16 AM EDT

Guardian October 17 2011 8:00 PM EDT

i am buying this debt throught nat.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] October 17 2011 8:02 PM EDT

AdminNatasha' (Storage Mod 1) QBRanger (Horror) $17000000 -- From Fish/KW 8:01 PM EDT

QBRanger October 17 2011 8:02 PM EDT

900,000 left

Guardian October 17 2011 8:07 PM EDT

KnightWarrior (Bleach Project) QBRanger (Horror) $900000 -- Fish debt paid 8:06 PM EDT

QBRanger October 17 2011 8:07 PM EDT

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