New clan again (in General)

AdminNightStrike October 15 2011 1:35 PM EDT

Looks like I need a clan again... :(

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 15 2011 1:40 PM EDT

Us Us Us, apply, we're number 2 right now!

AdminNightStrike October 15 2011 3:55 PM EDT

Sorry, I can't fit

Quyen October 15 2011 4:27 PM EDT

u might fit in SC :P

Duke October 15 2011 4:35 PM EDT

BR and HB seem like the top clan that you could fit in.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] October 15 2011 4:44 PM EDT

Cult of the Valaraukar its soooo in right now

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 15 2011 4:50 PM EDT

Tell MM to remove the two inactive people from our clan and you should be able to fit.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] October 15 2011 4:58 PM EDT

Lol, nevermind, seems as if they were just gone for like a long time....

miteke [Superheros] October 15 2011 9:57 PM EDT

You could join superheros for as long as you like if you need a temporary home. Ranger joined for less than a day before he found somewhere better :)

Just send a request if interested.

AdminNightStrike October 16 2011 8:53 AM EDT

Applied to BR.. kind of surprised there was room.

QBRanger October 16 2011 9:04 AM EDT

There wasn't.

AdminNightStrike October 16 2011 5:39 PM EDT

Looks like a bug... When I applied to the first clan, I got an immediate message on the submission page (ie, not a chatmail) that I couldn't fit. When I applied to BR, I got no such message. Not very helpful. The clan joining mechanism blows.....

AdminNightStrike October 24 2011 8:41 AM EDT

*Sigh*... That was short lived... need a new clan again :(

Quyen October 24 2011 8:42 AM EDT

if we had the space, we could let u in :P, atleast im pretty sure i would let u in. its only that by the last time tal checked, we only had 1K vpr left :|

AdminNightStrike October 24 2011 1:03 PM EDT

Got an offer from hzarb, though ironically The Lega is rather high on my fight list.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 24 2011 3:17 PM EDT

...but you'll also be off my fightlist if you were in TK, it might balance out!

AdminNightStrike October 26 2011 1:11 PM EDT

I applied.. no room in the inn :)

Quyen October 26 2011 2:09 PM EDT

make a clan called: The admins
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