congratulations sickone! (in Off-topic)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 10 2011 9:53 PM EST

have a good one tomorrow! ; )

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 10 2011 10:04 PM EST

Wait, did I miss something?

Areodjarekput November 10 2011 10:11 PM EST

Pics or it didn't happen.

Demigod November 10 2011 10:17 PM EST

Wait, did I miss something?

Not yet, but he's having surgery tomorrow. Excision of manhood. :)

Django November 10 2011 10:19 PM EST

Pics? LOL

Sickone November 10 2011 11:42 PM EST

11.11.11 13:30 local time, or about 6 hours 47 minutes from "now".

Sickone November 10 2011 11:45 PM EST

Or if you prefer...

11/11/11 @ 1 PM and 1 half hour


T-Beck November 11 2011 1:13 AM EST

Haha yeah Areo wants pics, just don't put em up here

Quyen November 11 2011 8:31 AM EST

Good luck? :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 11 2011 8:31 AM EST

Demigod November 11 2011 8:57 AM EST

The "operation" should be complete by now. 'Grats, Sickone... whenever you're allowed to hop online and read this.

Sickone November 11 2011 4:21 PM EST

Operation complete :P
Pictures... some time later. Next week maybe.
Doubt I can even burn all BA before my absence is noticed :)

Areodjarekput November 11 2011 4:23 PM EST

Get off of CB! Are you insane?


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 12 2011 12:47 AM EST

The addiction runs deep >:-D

Sickone November 12 2011 4:36 AM EST

Pfft, it was a couple of minutes while my significant other was way beyond busy with extended family members and friends :P
And now there's another break in the schedule :D

Sickone November 12 2011 5:15 AM EST

The "official" photos are not available in digital form yet, we haven't met the photographer today, and probably won't until we're back from the "honeyweek" (a honeymonth was out of the question with our schedules, hehe).

This was just the civil service, no church and no big reception. We ARE already officially married, but we're delaying the rest of the non-essential ceremonies until half a year from now (late spring).

The photos below are a few taken with our personal camera by various members of the extended (now) common family before, during and after the ceremony. Sorry for the not-so-professional look, hehe. Also, seems like we forgot to adjust for the DST change, metadata shows time one hour extra over actual local time.

Open picture in new window to see in full resolution, below they're being displayed shrunk to 480px wide (roughly one sixth of the actual size).

In chronological order...

And that's all for now.

Sickone November 12 2011 5:23 AM EST

You can't really tell from those photos, but there were about a hundred people around (maybe a few dozen extra), and a lot of the people that will be present at the church+reception part in spring couldn't show up (many are in different cities, and could not be there on a Friday afternoon), and many of those that did show up today can't make it in spring (long story). The late spring wedding should be around 200-220 people large, we had to drastically cut the list of invited people because apparently even with so much advance warning it's still hell to find a decent wedding location that would sit more than that available in that period.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 12 2011 5:55 AM EST

Congrats Sickone! Joined the club! :)
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