And so concludes my chance of happiness... (in Off-topic)

Presumptious Zoodles November 27 2011 2:32 PM EST

fiance broke up with me... I seriously cant think straight right now and emotionally im dead...

QBRanger November 27 2011 2:37 PM EST

The average person break up with more than 1 person in his/her life.

It hurts a lot now, but tincture of time is a great salve. Best thing is to keep busy with friends. Do not let your mind wander.

And most of all remember this very important quote:

'There are plenty of fish in the ocean'

It seems like just words now, but you have to trust someone who went through what you have, truer words were never written.

Presumptious Zoodles November 27 2011 2:43 PM EST

i know theres more people...but...i still dont know if she's having my baby or not...i was getting ready to give her the ring and finalize the engagement...her family was already considering my part of theres...all that is gone now...

Demigod November 27 2011 2:58 PM EST

Ah, welcome to the club. A year and a half ago, my fiance (girlfriend of 7.5 years) walked out right as the printed wedding invitations were about to mailed. We already spent ten grand on the wedding by that time. There was no fight, no big explosion. She took the dog, gave me back the ring, and that was the last time I ever saw her (or the dog). It completely destroyed me for a long time. I figured I had moved on, but I recently got work that she's now engaged to another guy. All the emotions resurfaced for about two days.

The only thing I can tell you is what most would consider bad advice -- start dating other people as quickly as possible. A couple of rebound relationships really do wonders for regaining sanity. And try to focus on the parts of the relationship that didn't mesh well. Your brain will probably try to romanticize the good parts and ignore the bad, but keep it in check.

Demigod November 27 2011 3:00 PM EST

Argh. I completely forgot about the baby.

QBOddBird November 27 2011 3:44 PM EST

Been there.

Save yourself some trouble, find a woman you really hate and buy her a house.

Presumptious Zoodles November 27 2011 6:26 PM EST feeling a bit better..gonna be friends with her still because wasting 6 years of history together off of this would be moronic..but i still do feel down a little...

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 27 2011 6:45 PM EST

Hang in there!

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 27 2011 6:50 PM EST

Happens to all of us, you will be fine. Try to get over her and move on with your life. :-)

T-Beck November 27 2011 7:21 PM EST

Dang that's rough :( yeah, hang in there buddy... I don't understand girls sometimes, man, cause I've also been in that boat where you think everything is going great and then like a switch is flipped or something and they just up and leave with no explanation as to why :/ it definitely puts all my breakups into perspective though. I've never been close to getting married or had the possibility of a child on the way.

I don't think this post is gonna make you feel any better, but there's not a whole lot that any of us can say to make you feel that way anyway... All the old sayings have been around this long for a reason, but knowing that you'll eventually be ok doesn't make the present hurt much less :/ like Ranger said, just do your best to keep busy and not let your mind wander (even when you don't feel like doing anything) and know the CB community is always here :)
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