A new threat to America arises (in Off-topic)

QBOddBird November 30 2011 7:44 PM EST

A threat so grave a petition has been made to erase its presence from the internet...

Fishead November 30 2011 9:21 PM EST

Video games have been a threat to America for over 30 years. Rock and Roll has been a bigger threat for even longer. It's amazing we still function.

Demigod November 30 2011 9:39 PM EST

In all fairness, the dragon murder simulator did lead to the extinction of dragons. Personally, I haven't seen a single one since the game's release.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] November 30 2011 10:19 PM EST

I'm sure the Dark Brotherhood will get to him first.

Mikel November 30 2011 11:23 PM EST

What was their take on Sims 3? Pretty sure in there sexual preference doesn't matter either.

BootyGod December 1 2011 12:10 AM EST

Let's be real. They just hate the idea of a homosexual lizard and homosexual cat person getting it on on top of a bear rug.

For shame.

Sickone December 1 2011 1:54 AM EST

1) To enact an immediate ban on the videogame known as "SkyRim" produced by Blizzard Entertainment.

Well, as soon as BLIZZARD comes out with a game named "SkyRim", as opposed to BETHESDA coming out with a game called "Skyrim", sure, ban that, they're breaking some IP laws or something !


Demigod December 1 2011 1:15 PM EST


Lord Bob December 1 2011 1:20 PM EST

Video games have been a threat to America for over 30 years. Rock and Roll has been a bigger threat for even longer.
You forgot comic books, shaggy haircuts, and racial minorities.

Fishead December 1 2011 1:33 PM EST

Don't forget about letting women wear pants and giving them the right to vote.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 1 2011 1:53 PM EST

letting women wear pants

This is destroying every country, not just America.

Lord Bob December 1 2011 1:55 PM EST


Fishead December 1 2011 2:48 PM EST

It's been brought up several times in many threads. There are no pants in CB land.

Joel December 1 2011 4:49 PM EST

I have signed the petition to make dragons real!!

Lochnivar December 1 2011 4:50 PM EST

I'll sign... if the dragons agree to sign a petition to make me real.

A little quid pro quo makes the world go 'round after all!

Lilligant December 1 2011 5:19 PM EST

Ohhh my god! DRAGONS! =]
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