Any rich people out there? (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex December 8 2011 4:41 PM EST

If so, please buy this and let me take a quick ride in it.

Lochnivar December 8 2011 4:45 PM EST

Links help... otherwise people get very confused.

Lord Bob December 8 2011 4:45 PM EST


AdminQBVerifex December 8 2011 4:52 PM EST

See that image, hover your mouse over it.

Lord Bob December 8 2011 4:56 PM EST

See that image

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 8 2011 5:02 PM EST

Thats cool, though i right clicked and opened the link in a new tab to see it XD

AdminQBVerifex December 8 2011 5:05 PM EST

Sorry, it appears as though the site I yanked the image from did not allow hotlinking.. Ugh!

Guardian December 8 2011 5:13 PM EST


Lord Bob December 8 2011 5:23 PM EST

Got it now.

That's interesting.

IPoop December 8 2011 7:31 PM EST

Ive looked into these before. Its built around a Jetski base (the running gear) and at the time they were using ex militry jet canopies and a fibre galss body.
They were hoping to try and get some sort of racing competition working (the idea was meant to be like the red bull air races but in the water - not a clue if they got it off the ground).
It would take a while (and prob cost more in the long run with all the tweaking etc) but i dont think it would be to hard to build (in theory).

Seems things got expensive since i checked all this out ... the opposite is the flying hovercraft

IPoop December 9 2011 8:22 PM EST

a more viable and cheaper fun project ... build your own segway just incase your hunting for something

AdminShade December 10 2011 6:10 AM EST

price tends to range from US$ 65,000 for a standard J model to upwards of US$ 90,000 for a high-performance, heavily customized version.
mhmmm, sorry not that rich :)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 10 2011 11:28 AM EST

/me wonders if he can borrow against his lamp.
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