Allowing the RoE in rentals. (in General)

Sickone December 16 2011 12:30 PM EST

As it's been pointed out somewhere else, since it does not ever grow, the reasoning behind not allowing growing tattoos in rentals does not apply to it, so it should be possible to rent it out.

Anybody opposed ? And if opposed, why ?

QBRanger December 16 2011 12:41 PM EST

AdminNightStrike December 16 2011 12:43 PM EST

The only thing I can guess is that it's hard to allow one type of tattoo through. Right now, all tattoos are blanketly banned.

I am not aware of a conceptual reason why those particular tattoos shouldn't be rented.

Sickone December 16 2011 12:52 PM EST

So it's just a technical problem then ?

AdminNightStrike December 16 2011 12:56 PM EST


QBRanger December 16 2011 1:04 PM EST

I think that was the same reason Jon gave us so long ago.
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