Evasion (in General)

lostling December 22 2011 7:13 AM EST

EB or DB

:) i think AOI + DB what you ppl think?

lostling December 22 2011 7:40 AM EST

This is why i think DB pwns

DB = EB = 92mill NW
Minion Exp : 2,500,000

Trained Evasion : 1,105,072
Trained Dex : 1,394,928
Final Evasion : 2,552,717(155)
Final Dex : 2,552,717

Trained Evasion : 1,071,429
Trained Dex : 1,428,571
Final Evasion before DB : 2,057,143(142)
Final Dex : 2,057,143
+209 DB = 5,312,274 levels of evasion
Final Evasion : 7,369,417(>229)
Final Dex : 2,057,143

so which one do you think is better :D of course without evasion levels i cant calculate it exactly

lostling December 22 2011 7:42 AM EST

of course i will also admit i doubt a 2.5mill levels minion has enough enc but lol :D

Quyen December 22 2011 9:39 AM EST

i'd go for AoI + DB depending on your minion; if its your damage dealer the extra PR is totally worth it. but on a enchanter i don't think it helps much :)

lostling December 22 2011 12:50 PM EST

what if evasion wall?

Quyen December 22 2011 12:59 PM EST

evasion wall, i'd try to avoid it since evasion is really xp expensive?
anyway, evasion wall = AoF + DB then :P

lostling December 22 2011 1:30 PM EST

question being is AOF REALLY that good?

Quyen December 22 2011 1:32 PM EST

it gives a pretty big boost; only problem is that EC will also be multiplied meaning that a big EC can make your evasion useless as he will has Dex bonus :D

QBRanger December 22 2011 1:37 PM EST

The aof by far is much better than the aoi unless you negative pth exceeds their pth including their leadership.

However evasion needs dex to work at max effectiveness. Something I disagree with.

EB vs DB I guess is dependent on the levels of evasion and the DBs. Typically for the NW EB should be better unless the DBs are very high.

lostling December 22 2011 7:21 PM EST

does my calculations prove DBs are better?

lostling December 23 2011 2:01 PM EST


QBRanger December 23 2011 2:39 PM EST

Wait till you evasion grows larger

lostling December 23 2011 10:30 PM EST

i calculated lol... just tell me the total levels and equipments

QBRanger December 23 2011 10:38 PM EST

I believe Shade has a very high evasion.

Perhaps CMing him and having him test your very high DBs vs EBs would be worthwhile.
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