Another attempt at Mage Skills (in General)

QBRanger December 30 2011 1:34 PM EST

DD specific:

All maxed at 1/4 DD level.

For FB: Contain. At 1.0 friendly minions take 0 damage in melee. At less they take a proportional amount. IE at .33 they take 67% of the damage they normally would

For MM: Penetrate. At 1.0 defenses including the MgS gets lowered by 1/2. At lower amounts defense get greater. IE at .33 they get 16.7% less defense

For CoC: Freeze. At 1.0 there is a 25% chance that the enemy will be so frozen his attacks will be at 50% effect. That is 50% of the damage they would normally do that round. IE at .33 they get 16.7% less damage per attack. This effect is applied before any damage reduction factors such as AS, but after AMF.

For SG: Chain. At 1.0 there is a 50% chance for an extra attack doing up to 25% damage to the next minion in line. IE at .33 there is a 16.7% chance for the extra chain attack

For decay: I got nothing.

So thoughts? Ideas?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 30 2011 1:36 PM EST


This could just be a single skill, that has different effects depending on the DD trained on the using minion.

As for Decay, maybe splash damage? Or a reduction of targets AC (or the like).

QBRanger December 30 2011 1:42 PM EST

IDK about decay. Since decay even at a base level is quite powerful it does not really need a boost.

And 1/4 a base decay to boost it further is too OP, IMO.

Quyen December 30 2011 1:54 PM EST

decay: decay deals 1/4th damage of enemy current HP.
Bonus effect: lowers AC by enemy by 20 for every hit. (IE at 8 hits of Decay, 160 AC gone) this effect can only occurs once per round, so having 4 Decays wont lower AC by 80 but still by 20.

lostling December 30 2011 2:04 PM EST

decay: death. at 1.0 if the minion is at 1 HP decay kills the minion. IE at .33 33% chance to kill the minion with 1 HP

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:04 PM EST

Decay is unaffected by AC.

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:05 PM EST


Not too bad.

One has to decay someone down to 1 hp and then you get death.

I would like to see how others think about your idea.

Quyen December 30 2011 2:06 PM EST

yeah, but if decay takes away some AC, extending the game is actually pretty effective. and if you miss everything till round 50 you lowered his AC with 1000 and can hit him with 100 million :D

lostling December 30 2011 2:08 PM EST

=x of course this would mean that AMF can also kill the said decay training minion if he was at 1 hp

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:09 PM EST

Or you can call the decay skill Rot.

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:10 PM EST

How would AMF kill the decay minion?

I thought by your skill the decay minion only gets the chance to kill the opponent if that opponent is at 1 hp.

I thought AMF was unaffected by it and would suggest it stay that way.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] December 30 2011 2:22 PM EST

Have the skill let decay target the enemy minion with the highest hp.

Also an idea for the CoC one - let your minions attack before the enemies minions attack in the round after the freeze occurs. (i.e both still attack, just your own attacks resolve before enemies occur)

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:23 PM EST

Have the skill let decay target the enemy minion with the highest hp.

That would be way too powerful for a 6k xp spell, IMO.

lostling December 30 2011 2:40 PM EST

i mean that if you can kill a minion with 1 hp i think AMF should be allowed to do the same if casted on a decay minion for 1.00

QBRanger December 30 2011 2:41 PM EST

I would disagree but that would be for NS to determine if he likes this idea.

The idea of a skill would make the spell more powerful in exchange for xp.

Making decay mages die from AMF would change the dynamic of the spell. But then again killing at 1 hp would also :)

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] December 30 2011 2:46 PM EST

Somewhat, but amf could reflect decay on the friendly minion with the highest hp as well.
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