To-hit question (in General)

BestNUB January 2 2012 3:34 PM EST

From the To-hit section of the wiki, it states that the dex ratio R is a factor in determining the to-hit chance.

It states that "Third, there is the DX ratio. This value, henceforth referred to as R, is calculated as Attacker DX/Defender DX."

What happens when the defender DX is 0 due to EC, axbow etc? What is this R value? I suppose it won't be infinite but instead capped at a certain value?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

QBRanger January 2 2012 3:52 PM EST

If you have positive dec and you opponent has none, you get your full CTH plus 100% dex bonus.

Sickone January 2 2012 10:03 PM EST

Finish reading the page.

"DX CTH Calculation
When R < 1, DX CTH = R * BTH.
When R > 1, DX CTH = BTH + 100(1 - 1/R^2.2)."
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