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AdminTal Destra January 4 2012 6:57 AM EST

Quyen January 4 2012 7:10 AM EST

well, atleast they know what happened.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 4 2012 7:34 AM EST

I lol'd at the dog/Frisbee one...Is that bad?

AdminShade January 4 2012 2:51 PM EST

No, I did as well :)

j'bob January 4 2012 3:07 PM EST

Well, I'm never one to condemn anyone for their personal sense of humor... but I will certainly feel free to express my own opinion.

I was smiling quite happily up until that 9/11 post. Just too poor taste for me I guess. Photoshop mockery is one thing, but making light of such tragedy is something else. But again, just me I suppose. And who the heck am I anyway.

Joel January 4 2012 3:22 PM EST

Yeah, I was offended by it, too, but I couldn't tell if it was me, or just a deep ingrained reflex due to my exposure to society and having its 'norms' forced upon me. Is it me, or just how I'm 'supposed' to think? Is my upbringing the only factor in my emotional reacting, or is there a core 'ME' inside, somewhere? Is there a way to find out? Does it really matter? Maybe :P))

IPoop January 4 2012 3:23 PM EST

laughed in that shocked omg way

As Jbob is allowed to post his opinion i feel like im allowed to say how is it you can smile at a passenger train of people about to die, or the hot air ballon but then take a moral high ground over the twin towers - is it just a numbers thing or it happened in American thing?.
(ive no prob with you taking offence at the towers pic but all the pics are of the same thing ... tragedy ... yet you only noted it with that one)

Joel January 4 2012 3:28 PM EST

The reason we can laugh at most of them, is that most of these pics are obvious photoshop, or photos that take on a different meaning due to the title of this thread (the second picture of the biker on the precipice, is an obvious one). We are offended about the Two Towers one because we disapprove of someone faking a pic, like that, just to reference the Two Towers tragedy as a joke...

IPoop January 4 2012 3:40 PM EST

see i still dont get it. Your either saying its not an obvious photoshop and therefor a real pic. The whole thread is a last moments thing not just the towers so the meaning bit makes no sense. (obviously the biker is in the same situation as the bloke at the top of the towers).
I get that your offended by someone faking a pic of the towers tragedy (its a huge mother #### of a tragedy!!) but taking that stance should apply to the whole thread!
Millions more people die via derailed trains, vehicle accidents etc, definatly more than in that singe terrorist attack.(something makes me think theres a country in the world with a high death rate due to falling coconuts).

I just dont get why only that one caused offence in a thread like this

IPoop January 4 2012 3:46 PM EST

not a country, google shows a load of pages with an unproven figure of 150 per year getting killed by coconuts

TH3 C0113CT0R January 4 2012 6:21 PM EST

Im honestly on your side Ipoop, lol, laughing at your name.. but seriously, yea you either find them funny or you don't, but you pick and choose which ones offend you. all the pictures are "last pictures" so why does a train full of people going overboard make you laugh but a plane headed at the towers makes you offended. Now just because im canadian dont' say i dont' sympathize with the twin towers destruction, but honestly, whats the difference with a train full of people plumpting to there death? both are horrible situations, but only the towers bothered you? what if the twin towers were in canada? what if they were in europe? would it bother you then?

regardless of which ones are real or fake, they are all 'someone/multiple people dying'. and all of them made me laugh or think wow is that even real? maybe thats just my sense of humour... obvious fakes made me laugh and some of them are just plain funny.

FYI the top one is from a movie.. final destination.

IPoop January 4 2012 6:30 PM EST

haha my writing sucks ... you are making the same point i was so no offence taken what so ever.

And THANK YOU!! i thought i recognised that log pic but couldn't for the life of me place it

TH3 C0113CT0R January 4 2012 8:24 PM EST

lol no worries, yea that's honestly the only scene from the movie I remember.... And, I only remember it because I have a fear of that happening :P I don't drive behind log trucks or beside them, I prefer them in the review mirror, lol. You never really know if one of those braces will give out..

IPoop January 5 2012 1:20 AM EST

I watched a driving safety video on youtube a while ago ... i now never drive behind/in front/ or inbetween a lorry/big rig(?) if i can help it after seeing them squash cars into nothing so i know what you mean about not driving behind a log one

j'bob January 6 2012 11:56 PM EST

iPoop, and anyone who feels the same, let me say I completely understand what you're saying. There would likely be little funny about the bull picture to you if you'd lost someone gored to death by a bull.

What I can say about how I feel about the above pictures can be summed up in one way. Accidental vs intentional.

Every picture (as far as I can tell, except for maybe someone purposefully throwing that Frisbee with the intention of the dog jumping...) shown/shopped above is an instance of some type of accidental tragedy. Except one. One glaring instance of tragedy brought on through hatred. I would certainly not find anything funny about a train full of people dying... but knowing that that picture is likely not pointing toward a real instance might have lightened me up... if you say shame on me for that, I can't argue I suppose.

But there you have it. That's my logic, flawed as it may be.

(and for the record, I do believe that every picture is shopped as I'm sure you all do... something just made me want to make that clear)

IPoop January 7 2012 5:36 AM EST

no worries jbob and i dont think bad of you or anything like that, i was just puzzled why people would suddenly draw a line part way through when all the pics to me are of a similar nature.

Strangely and sadly news is coming through on the radio over here 11 people have just died in a hot air ballon accident in New Zealand.

(less sad is that if this is a final destination moment because of this thread then we should all avoid bulls as thats the next picture.)
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