Searching for Expired Auctions (in General)

BestNUB January 6 2012 11:55 AM EST

I recently noticed that some entries for the expired auctions for Electric Familiar has been missing. I recall selling my EF for 250k and there was also a bid-off for another prior to mine that went for 700k+ that was won by Piper. Where did these entries go?

Quyen January 6 2012 11:57 AM EST

only EF i seen from piper is 420K.

QBRanger January 6 2012 11:58 AM EST

You can always check your past auctions by the "my auctions" link on the main auction page.

iBananco [Blue Army] January 6 2012 12:09 PM EST

Probably got inked.

BestNUB January 6 2012 12:27 PM EST

I see that I can check my past auctions but most of the time, I would just like to check prices of past auctions for a certain item, not a certain user, in order to gauge an approximate price. If some entries are missing, then it would definitely paint a incomplete picture when it comes to pricing.

QBRanger January 6 2012 12:32 PM EST

I think, as stated, if the tattoo was used in the TA, it disappears.

BestNUB January 6 2012 12:32 PM EST

oh i see. Anyways, i found the entry here:

But thanks for the info :)

Quyen January 6 2012 1:31 PM EST

was that EF worth it..?

AdminNightStrike January 6 2012 6:45 PM EST

Inking and salvaging completely screws up the auction histories :(
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