Tattoo artist question (in General)

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] January 12 2012 4:50 PM EST

Can I change a normal tattoo into different lesser tattoos for testing purposes using non-rare lesser tattoos, and once i decided which would be best change that lesser tatoo back to a real one? Or would the tatoo loose experience (or maybe this doesn't work at all?)

Demigod January 12 2012 4:53 PM EST

Lessers stay lessers, so nope.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] January 12 2012 4:57 PM EST

Yeah, i did read that in the wiki.

But i'm not sure if this refers to the tattoo having the experience, or to the base-tattoo that gets the experience.

For me it seems logic that a base lesser tattoo of course becomes a lesser tattoo with the experience, but shouldn't a normal base-tatoo be able to get the exp. from a lesser tattoo?

{cb2}Dinh January 12 2012 5:10 PM EST

The tattoo and experience will change into the tat of your choice, with the experience along with it

Quyen January 13 2012 4:37 PM EST

a normal base tattoo can not be inked with a lesser, a lesser cant be inked with a normal one :O
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