Evasion vs Exbow. (in General)

Jecht January 26 2012 10:36 PM EST

My first strat had a guy with evasion( bit like GentlemanLoser have), but Mr.Piper made me realize that you will still get hit due to those high pth items. So the only way I can see to evade tanks is to use an assassin crossbow so your dex become 1 or something like that in the math equation.

But what's the use of doing that if you can equip an exbow on a tank and get better results then evasion?

And since str gives way more encumbrance then dex, you get the enemy encumbered.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 26 2012 10:46 PM EST

I had enough EC trained to put Joel into 0 Dex (4m) which left him with still 5m str (he has 4m dex and 9m str). and his SoD still hit me for double hits every round for 1m damage. so axbow wouldnt' help. I was using an exbow. So im not sure if this answers your questions but basically with the extra pth that his ToA gave, this dex ment nothing. When he has his ToA equipped my huge EC and exbow do nothing even though i put his dex into the negative. Now when he takes that ToA off I could beat him. as he had far less pth. atleast thats my belief.

Jecht January 26 2012 11:08 PM EST

Well I'm saying axbow with a big evasion.

But it's probably better to put that evasion exp into str and equip a exbow.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 26 2012 11:58 PM EST

yea probably since i just gave a situation were someone with huge pth, and 0 dex still double hits for 1m damage.

side note, you don't see any threads about how the axbow is broken :P (cus nobody uses it but everyone uses the exbow)

Jecht January 27 2012 12:02 AM EST

Well make the (pth) on items work in a similar way evasion works with dex and now you can start thinking about using evasion.

QBRanger January 27 2012 12:21 AM EST

But what's the use of doing that if you can equip an exbow on a tank and get better results then evasion?

The only reason now not to use the exbow over evasion is money. Using the exbow takes keeping a weapon moderately upgraded.

But if you use the super dex exbow minions we are now seeing, then you really only need to upgrade the x to a 10x max and you are set.

Dex CTH is all you need to drain 100% of their str in 1 or 2 hits. Unless extraneous factors play like a massive EC or a ToE.

I have given up on the exbow battle. When I fight someone using it, I rely on my EF to win and use my archer as a PL/TSA/HP evasion wall.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 27 2012 3:44 AM EST

My current Evasion (839,481) has an effect of (99). It would take a pair of 14M NW DBS to match that.
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