Weapons combo choices Question (in General)

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 12:03 AM EST

On my ncb(WTW) im currently using:

Sling of Death [5x18] (+5)
A Vorpal Blade [67x18] (+5)

I was thinking of weapons with the best combo or best compliment my current setup, the stats would stay the exact same. I would like to stay 1-handed weapons, and would also like to not have to train archery. I did think about the mageseeker, but don't want to use archery because I've been considering Evasion or Bloodlust.

So, Do you think A Mace of Disruption or A Blade of Thuringwethil would work better then the Vorpal Blade?

Do you think An Assassin's Crossbow or An Enforcer's Crossbow would work better then the Sling of Death?

Guardian January 31 2012 12:50 AM EST

i think u could keep ya sod, and on ya plink guy u could have exbow+mod+soc as it uses very little dx and st to work.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] January 31 2012 12:55 AM EST

axbow VB + evasion is one option

QBRanger January 31 2012 1:20 AM EST

I would use the SoD.

I would also use the MoD vs the VB or the BTH.

However, I really do not think it matters enough to waste a couple million on a base MoD.

If you want to grow as fast as possible and maximize your NCB, the exbow with mostly any melee weapon would work. A MoD would be best however. I think it is what Areo used and see how fast he grew.

With 4 minions I would use an IF or EF as you are setup. We can discuss why in another post if you want.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 1:28 AM EST

Sure Ranger, I thought about going with the exbow, but I thought I would be dropping alot of damage output without the SoD and the exbow isn't exactly reliable.

I have a MoD I can use, I thought about the MoD as well, I did think it would be a better idea since it works best against AS, but I figured the VB would work better against all the high ac walls, i actually tossed a coin for this one.

I thought about going with the IF or EF but wanted the ToA for my tank, i figured it would help keep the str/dex up and it adds pth, so i figured it would help if i did go with the exbow, and/or it would help save some extra cash, and could put the money in the x instead of the +

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 1:33 AM EST

i thought that build too natasha, but i remembered how joel hit me with negative dex and that kinda sucks so attacking someones dex is not really what im going for anymore. with the pl wall and the other wall, im waiting to see if i need evasion

QBRanger January 31 2012 1:43 AM EST

If you are going with a 4 minion tank, of course you want to use the ToA. And you should never use the exbow with the ToA. In this case, use the SoD.

The exbow idea is if you wanted a more specialized strategy to grow as fast as possible. Combined, however, with an IF or EF, it is very powerful.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 1:47 AM EST

oh i see, so if i chose to go exbow to hunt archer/tank focused teams i would want the EF or IF for my main damage source.

I think I'll go with the SoD/MoD, So my next question is BoM or SoC?

Jecht January 31 2012 1:50 AM EST

Without DM, GA will eat you and your SoD. Since you train VA and BL, I don't know what's better between MoD and the BoTh.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 3:04 AM EST

i didn't ask a single question about any spells. i know i don't have dm, i know i have to worry about ga, why are you talking about spells, please stay on topic im sick of my threads turing sour and getting bashed so if you have nothing useful to say, dont' say it. STAY ON TOPIC.

Jecht January 31 2012 3:57 AM EST

"Do you think An Assassin's Crossbow or An Enforcer's Crossbow would work better then the Sling of Death?"

So I guess I was really out of subject saying you should not use SoD.

Also, I don't need you answering me aggressively because I gave my opinion about your Thread question.

Well, I hope for your peace of mind.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 4:49 AM EST

Again, Im not an idiot. I know I don't have DM, I know I need to watch out for GA, why are you telling someone that has played this game for 4+ years about DM and GA. Did I ask a question about GA or DM or my EO or ED spells. NO, why bring it up.

you did not say you shouldn't use the SoD. you wrote "Without DM, GA will eat you and your SoD. Since you train VA and BL, I don't know what's better between MoD and the BoTh."

The SoD will eat you and your SoD, thats not "don't use it" and don't use it didn't answer the question would the axbow or exbow be better? you offered no insight, other then you'll get eaten. do you think either of those are better then the SoD was not answered. and your reasoning is lousy. DM is not the only way to combat GA, ga is based on the level vs the damage done, so if you have a small ga and huge damage you dont' get a ga hit as hard. regardless....

on top of that, you put I don't know whats better between MoD or BoTH, so you have no insight again.

To many people just post crap in my threads trying to get me going or just because they are trolls. your post really was pointless and un-needed. SO, if you have nothing worthwhile to say then please don't post. stay on topic. period.

Waldo January 31 2012 8:45 AM EST

L3GO do you have a specific issue with Jecht or are you just in a bad mood? All he was doing was pointing out a reason the SoD may not be your best option. Admitted, he did not give a better alternate but if you find nothing useful about his post then simple ignore it. By reacting badly, as you did, you have now caused one, mostly unhelpful, post to spawn 4 additional posts. You say you are tired of your threads "turning sour and getting bashed" and advise "if you have nothing useful to say, dont' say it." Take your own advice if there is a post that you find useless or annoying act like it was not even posted.

Now as far as your question goes...
1) Ranged Weapon: you have said you dont want to use archery & that you don't want to attack DX; so your real question is exbow or SoD. Exbow will take out tanks and SoD hits multiple opponents multiple times. As Jecht pointed out GA will be a HUGE problem with the SoD and since archers will take you out during ranged I would suggest using the exbow to survive ranged so that you can get to melee and start your damage output there.

2) Melee Weapon: here again you have choices but one tends to lead the way..BoTH simply does not do enough damage, you have VA use that as a health gainer--now on to the real contenders VB is great for taking out AC walls but with AS/GA being an issue you will have to deal with the MoD is a much better option since it increases the damage done to AS which will lower the GA damage you receive. If you could throw a SG one someone then you have your AC issue dealt with as well

3) Shield: this one at least is simple...if you use the MoD use the SoC...if you decide to use the VB then go with the BoM

Hope you find my opinion on your gear a bit helpful & I hope you take my earlier advice to heart

QBRanger January 31 2012 10:51 AM EST

So my next question is BoM or SoC?


iBananco [Blue Army] January 31 2012 10:51 AM EST

He answered your question by saying that in his opinion, the SoD is probably not the best option since you have to worry about GA. It's pretty bad form to yell at people who are trying to help you, FYI.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 3:55 PM EST

no he wasn't saying that the SoD is a bad choice. He didn't even use the word bad, he said SoD gets eaten up without DM. that is not answering the question of is the exbow or axbow better. I didn't even ask a single question about GA or DM. His post had no point, you think i don't know ga is an issue with low splash damage, did i ask your opionions on if GA is going to be a problem NO.. so yes im sick of people like you iBananco that just post to post. you didn't even try and answer my questions your just posting to be a troll. im sick of it.

I asked 2 simple questions, neither of which he answered, and saying the SoD gets eaten is not an answer. It was not a question either. Im sick of people starting flame wars, and going off topic, posting meme's and all the other crap around around here.. I asked 2 simple questions and he couldnt' answer either of them, neither could you. So yes im going to say something. And im not yelling, THIS IS YELLING as you all so elequently point out every time.

So again, I don't care about any of your extra crap anymore, if you can't stay on topic or atleast answer the question then stop posting in my thread i just don't care about you trolls anymore.

TH3 C0113CT0R January 31 2012 3:56 PM EST

by the way, thanks ranger.

Im done with this thread. so troll all you want i won't be reading it.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 31 2012 4:50 PM EST

You're clearly the only one trolling your own thread.

Fishead January 31 2012 4:58 PM EST

It's too bad he won't see that ^

Im done with this thread. so troll all you want i won't be reading it.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 31 2012 5:51 PM EST

He chatmailed me. Twice.

BestNUB January 31 2012 6:07 PM EST

Think happy thoughts. There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents :)

Fishead January 31 2012 7:38 PM EST

Trolls make me happy. The ones with the colorful hair that you put on the end of your pencil then twirl to make the hair all crazy.

Hmmm... Trolls...
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