There goes the neighborhood. (in Debates)

Mikel [Bring it] March 1 2012 10:20 PM EST

Penn Judge Tosses Case in Which Muslim Was Accused of Attacking Atheist;_ylt=AhQ0tRj1lWqJr2xqiI07_ZR5bqU5;_ylg=X3oDMTFidW01MTI5BHBzdGFpZAM1YjUxMDJlZC0wYjNhLTNiNTctYmY5ZC1kOTFkNWM5ZTg3MDI-;_ylv=3

This Judge is setting a bad precedent. The Sharia law that the Muslim attacker followed trumped the First Amendment..

Your views?

Lord Bob March 1 2012 10:25 PM EST

I read this a few days ago.

Disgusting. Absolutely revolting. There is absolutely no redeeming value in this decision. The judge should be immediately removed from office in disgrace.

Mikel [Bring it] March 2 2012 12:04 AM EST

Well at least I found something that both sides of the political spectrum can agree with.

QBRanger March 2 2012 12:35 AM EST

I first thought that was Mikel.

But then I read:

Reading that article, it seems the judge did have some leeway in finding the attacker innocent.

What still gets me is the judges lecture to the attacked person saying basically that he deserved it since he dressed up as a Zombie Mohammad.

We all know some Muslims take their religion very seriously. However it is like saying some girl wanted to be raped because she wore a miniskirt.

This is American damm it. You live by our rules. If you do not like it and want to attack people who may mock Mohammad, go to Afghanistan. I read that it is perfectly ok to do so there. In fact, I even hear we will apologies to you after you kill a few of us.

Lochnivar March 2 2012 12:40 AM EST

Wait, didn't the case get tossed due to lack of evidence?

Did the judge's ruling specifically cite 'Sharia law trumping the First amendment'? Unless that's how the decision was worded I don't know that it generates any common law precedent.

I don't doubt there will be an appeal and whether or not the tape was tossed improperly will come up, but it is entirely possible that this was a correct legal decision and the entire sharia law aspect is a red herring.

Sickone March 2 2012 2:14 AM EST

It doesn't sound as if anybody was even remotely hurt in this, and allegedly even the video that was thrown out as proof of the assault only *indirectly* features a temporary and minor disturbance with the plaintiff resuming his "normal" activities very soon after, with no clear view of the alleged assault.

To put it into perspective, let's say somebody was in the middle of the town square and was repeatedly burning USA flags (which is, believe it or not, quite legal), then somebody came up to him and started shouting that it's illegal to do this and tried to take the flag and lighter away from him (with a quick minor scuffle happening, no actual harm done and no witnesses noticing anything), then give up and go away, with the flag-burning resuming afterwards.

Like I said, just putting it into perspective, not agreeing nor disagreeing with the particular way in which the case was handled.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 2 2012 4:32 AM EST

There was a case in England where some Muslim women beat up a Christian girl, and they were let off becuase they were drunk, and not used to it.

Being not allowed to drink by thier Religion.

Farcical decision, and it really does seem that legal systems just don't want to tackle some difficult cases (be it race, gender, religion or other social issues).

If I get the time I'll see if I can dig it up.

Sickone March 2 2012 6:21 AM EST

It would be so much simpler if religious beliefs would be considered just another form of mass delusion from a psychiatric and legal standpoint, with everything that entails.
In other words, if you do something mildly bad because "your religion tells you so", you get court-mandated therapy sessions, and if you do something very bad because of it, you get thrown in a mental hospital.

AdminNightStrike March 2 2012 10:46 AM EST

There was a case in England...

What happened to the imperial regime?? The England that tried to breed out culture, and saw genocide as building infrastructure!

TIC, of course, but really... England is not a country I'd expect to take the pansy way out.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 2 2012 11:38 AM EST

Er, our imperial nature dissolved ages ago. :(

Now we're a yes man nanny state that couldn't lift a finger becuase of the chains of 'human rights' and 'political correctness'.

Oh and we've been inundated by US style 'blame & claim' culture to round it off too.

Bring back the Empire on which the sun never set I say!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 2 2012 11:39 AM EST

We can't even deport a malicious fundamentalist cleric, who spouts and incites hate about this country, becuse it would breach his human rights...

Talk about keeping your enemies close...
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