Little Heavy xobw bug (in General)

QBRanger March 29 2012 11:45 AM EDT

If you view my character on the summary it states I use a Heavy xbow.

However my weapon is really a SoD.

TH3 C0113CT0R March 29 2012 12:07 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike March 29 2012 1:29 PM EDT

I figured that was just cached

QBRanger March 29 2012 1:45 PM EDT

It was present both last night and today.

TH3 C0113CT0R March 29 2012 3:13 PM EDT

its pretty funny, this is the first time i've seen the market flooded with hxbows

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 29 2012 6:22 PM EDT

Just wanted to back this up, my character has the same issue.
Look at summary and its a Heavy Xbow, look at the minion and its a SoD

AdminNightStrike March 29 2012 10:16 PM EDT

This is another one of those annoying things in CB. Apparently, every item has to have a unique combination of class (melee, ranged), base to hit, and base damage. The SOD and HXBOW now apparently have the same class (ranged) and the same to hit and damage base.

This kind of thing is frustrating.

See what I mean, though? Such a simple change, so much fallout.

BestNUB March 29 2012 10:21 PM EDT

Add or subtract one from the to-hit number, like how it was done with the axbow and exbow?

AdminNightStrike March 29 2012 10:24 PM EDT

zhego - how'd you know that was the solution for those? Next time, tell me in advance! :P

BestNUB March 29 2012 10:41 PM EDT

I didn't know but I was always curious why the exbow and axbow was off by 1 on the to hit numbers and judging from what you said about the system having to recognize unique attributes, I sort of just guessed it.

QBRanger March 29 2012 10:43 PM EDT

I guess that also explains the MsB and ELB being a bit off by 1.

BestNUB March 29 2012 10:45 PM EDT

Well not quite cause the base damage on those are different.

AdminNightStrike March 30 2012 10:25 AM EDT

I adjusted the to hit slightly on the hxbow. It's now better in multiple ways :)

I would guess that the mageseeker is off by one because we only want one weapon to be a 100% hit.
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