Scores are messed up (in General)

BestNUB April 8 2012 10:03 PM EDT

Ok, so the tournament ended but some people still have really drained scores. Like Moskel, Failure, etc. What happened? I thought this was fixed.

QBRanger April 8 2012 10:08 PM EDT


Score 10,125,786
Power 11,097,819

Nothing messed up there.

BestNUB April 8 2012 10:12 PM EDT

Sorry I think I misread the situation. Moskel seemed to have retrained. Although Failure's MPR was in the lower 9m earlier today, it might have been for reasons other than the tournament. Forget I posted this! :)

QBRanger April 8 2012 10:14 PM EDT

Although Failure's MPR was in the lower 9m earlier today

Failure never had a 9m MPR. Was it score you meant to type?

The scores of the regular characters have had little movement due to the tourney. At least Horror has been holding steady until I tested things today.

BestNUB April 8 2012 10:15 PM EDT

yeah sorry i meant score.

BestNUB April 8 2012 10:21 PM EDT

I could just be paranoid however, but scores seem to be much lower than a week before. Also the score distribution is very tight.
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