Tattoo Idea (in General)

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 16 2012 4:21 AM EDT

I just thought i'd share this idea for a tattoo i got :)

Tattoo of Acceleration
Increases DD by 60% of the Tattoo level
AMF is still performed on the trained DD level
AMF backlash damage is increased by 25%

These values are just arbitrary (i.e. its not balanced presently), i'm more interested in feedback regarding the conceptual idea and its possible implementation within the game.

BestNUB April 16 2012 4:51 AM EDT

doesn't seem like it's worth it compared to a familiar. The familiar trains both HP at 25% and DD at 100%. You're pretty much getting twice the amount of exp from a familiar as you would from this tat, since the wearer of this tat is going to need HP as well (could be from AS but that takes exp as well). Plus you're also getting an extra kill slot.

The only way i can see this working is some skilled NCB run with careful selection of the hiring of minions, to control the exp distribution and even then I am not so sure a familiar with a huge AS from a careful hiring schedule couldn't accomplish the same thing. The AMF side effects are almost negligible because all but Mikel's AMF will impact a DD of 20m or so.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] April 16 2012 7:31 AM EDT

Gimme a decay familiar please :)
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