Saturday Strategy Session (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer May 5 2012 11:20 AM EDT

So lets come up with fun strategies for the 2 new items, the ES and Hxbow!

Quyen May 5 2012 12:39 PM EDT

the ES and Hxbow work good against a wall, so setup with a decent tank and a IF to get rid of reduced damage ASAP? :)

--JDM-- May 5 2012 1:02 PM EDT

I wasn't here for the ES update, so i have a question about it. How does the drain effect react with phantom link? If the damage is soaked does the original target still suffer the bleed effect, and does PL absorb that damage as well?

Waldo May 5 2012 1:21 PM EDT

Due to the fact that the ES bleed is not affected by GA or PL, the ES works well with a team that does not use DM much in the same way as the MoD.

I think the best set-up for the ES would be similar to my NCB except with a SF instead of the EF and obvious gear changes for the tank. I actually SERIOUSLY considered using the ES on my NCB in conjunction with Gloves of Mercy and Menelvegorian Cape. The only reason I didn't was that even with an INSANELY large ES (see my ES from the tourney) the damage/hit is still not that big and is more dependent on multiple hits (which GA will pound you for.) As far as the vorpal ability it is good but SG is much better in that regard.

The ES is definitely an viable option now (THANKS NS!!!!) and can be nasty with the right set-up against the right team.

As far as the Hxbow it is...MEH. It would be ok as a second ranged damage source if walls are an issue but since the damage is so much lower than an ELB and it doesn't have the damage reduction the Exbow does it will never be the ranged weapon of choice

Waldo May 5 2012 1:22 PM EDT

JDM--PL will absorb the initial damage but the bleed still affects the original taget

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] May 5 2012 1:34 PM EDT

Hxbow is still bad. But the Es is quite good.

QBRanger May 5 2012 2:09 PM EDT

I agree.

The heavy xbow is garbage except perhaps vs heavy AC walls. The SoD is far much better overall.

The ES is great vs lower damage characters such as RBF characters.
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