Combat Gi (in General)

amac5000 May 5 2012 2:58 PM EDT

Shouldn't the Combat Gi have its modifier increase UC. A +10 add to UC is nice for lower levels. But the +10 is a little under sized for later levels. Maybe a 1 or 1.5 per enchantmant modifier for UC

Fishead May 5 2012 3:05 PM EDT

The cost to upgrade would have to be increased significantly.

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 5 2012 5:52 PM EDT

you also have to remember that it does buff the evasion of the UC in addition to the buff.

QBRanger May 5 2012 6:35 PM EDT

I would tend to agree.

Things like EB, EC or a corn have bonuses that are dependent on their upgrade.

While others such as the SB, BoE and the CGI are not.

It would be nice to have everything consistent.

amac5000 May 5 2012 7:13 PM EDT

@nayab good point, i did forget that buff
@ fish good point naturally would have to be more expensive

I guess how most armour has a - modifier to UC, I could look at this piece and a evasion buff that is UC friendly

miteke [Superheros] May 5 2012 8:39 PM EDT

What makes it even worse is that the PR boost is related to +, not effect, even though there is no bonus per +. And then there is the side effect that it allows a starting character with UC to wear a boat load of items typically to expensive for him. Sheesh.

amac5000 May 5 2012 10:37 PM EDT

Miteke can u Please explain that one to me in nub terms

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] May 6 2012 3:17 AM EDT

Power weight for Gi: 0.1
Power weight for AC: 0.1
Power weight for TSA: 0.2
Power weight for EH: 0.2

You are only paying in the PR for the cost of the AC with the way the Gi is currently.

AdminNightStrike May 6 2012 8:41 PM EDT

amac - You can start a fresh character, put a +0 Gi on a minion, and get zero PR increase while getting a +10 to UC. It's a way to get a lot more power without increasing your Power Rating. Power is a little messed up in these corner cases.

amac5000 May 6 2012 11:56 PM EDT

isnt that only beneficial at lower level,
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