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Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 9 2012 12:48 AM EDT

So I finally got around to making another video after like a month and a half or however long its been now, hopefully its -slightly- improved over the last one. I know there are still a couple "umms" and stalling parts, but that's mainly because.. well.. I'm stalling. The video is sped up to 150% normal speed but its still kind of slow, so when there isn't much going on that just happens to be what comes out of my mouth, especially after trying to do this in just a few takes.

Anyway like the last time if you guys could just click the video and help get me some views that would be awesome, I got a bunch of views from you guys last time which helped my last video get put in the suggestion bar for new upcoming videos (which gets directed at my target audience due to the tags) I wound up getting more views then I thought I ever would which was pretty much all thanks to you guys flooding the video with views when I first posted it.

Once again I don't even care if you watch the whole thing seeing as most of you probably don't care about Pokemon anyway. However if you'd like to watch it and help give me some more pointers or suggestions that would be awesome as well. I know the pauses are something I have to work on but hopefully this one is slightly better then the last.

Also suggestions for LPs or pretty much any other content you'd like to see me put up on my channel are always welcome from you guys. I'm doing this completely for fun just because I enjoy doing it and sharing my gaming experience with other people/youtubers out there.

Thanks again!

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 9 2012 3:41 PM EDT

Got a third one up and running, far far better on the narration and keeping the stalls to a minimum on this one, I'm actually quite pleased with it.

Once again if you guys could just toss me a couple views that would be awesome. Like I said before you don't even have to watch the entire thing, just click the link wait a second or two and click out if you find it of no interest to you, it really helps me out and I greatly appreciate it :)

Quyen May 9 2012 3:54 PM EDT

Yeah! hey Xeno, could u do a LP about Golden sun, Chrono trigger or Lufia 2? :)

Demigod May 9 2012 7:30 PM EDT

I've never played any Pokemon game, so I can't relate to anything in the video. However, it's a decent explanation video. It seems like you're improving and staying cognizant of what you want to hone in on, so keep at it, and keep posting the links in CB. Also, it's really cool that you got Aziz Ansari to do the dialogue. ::cough::

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 9 2012 8:07 PM EDT

Q those are actually excellent ideas, Golden Sun is one of my favorite GBA games and its been ages since I've played it and I've already got the emulator and ROM for it so that shouldn't be hard to do. Same goes for Chrono Trigger, its a classic, but I've never actually beaten the game and its certainly been on my list for years now, so that's definitely something I'll consider doing possibly after Golden Sun. I've heard of Lufia 2 but I've never actually played it so I'll have to check up on the game and see if its something I'd want to do, most likely it would be. When I get some more free time I'll try doing a few episodes of Golden Sun to start with and see how that goes. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Demi thank you for your feedback! Considering my target audience happens to be newer players/people looking to get into the competitive scene that's basically what I'm aiming for and have been attempting to improve with each narration. I will keep doing just that. Also I'll take that last bit as compliment :)

Thanks again guys, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 10 2012 3:06 AM EDT

Tossed up another one that was vs one of the more prominent battlers on youtube that I got while he was live streaming, I wanted to get it up as soon as I could because he said he'd link my video on his channel which will also help net me a bunch of views and possibly a couple subs which is awesome for me.

But as suggested by Demi I'm going to keep posting the links here so you guys can help me out a bit by giving me some views and possibly watch my progress if you'd like to.

This one unfortunately took me all night cause I rendered it in slightly higher quality and I did like 3 full takes before I was satisfied with it, and it took nearly an hour to actually get uploaded to youtube due to the slightly higher rendering quality.

Now I'm tired and I need to sleep -_-

As always thanks for the help guys, greatly appreciated :)

Quyen May 10 2012 8:25 AM EDT

Golden sun is an awesome game, I believe you will find your way out of being nervous and will talk a lot.. way more in the pokemon battles :P

Lufia 2 is sort of like Golden sun and Chrono trigger, a RPG. though it is a bit older, it's still a nice game.

doing atleast 1 of the 3 here would be awesome, making me sub you and waiting for episodes :D

Usopp May 10 2012 12:44 PM EDT

I'd just like to say: LUFIA 2! That is still one of my favorite SNES RPGs. Very underrated.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] May 10 2012 8:27 PM EDT

I'll put them all on my list, I'd personally like to do Golden Sun first. I might do Lufia 2 afterwards seeing as I never played it but I do love those old school RPGs. So yeah I'll definitely let you guys know when I get around to doing those :)

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 4 2012 11:48 PM EDT

Hey guys just tossed up a clip of Diablo III and my thoughts on the quickest way to farm the Ancient Device for the "Wheel of Misfortune" achievement.

Much different from my last videos because.. well its not pokemon :)

Please check it out and let me know what you guys think... also it should help for those of you playing the game and looking for the darn thing :)

Thanks again guys, every view helps!

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 5 2012 3:47 AM EDT

Snagged 100 views in less then 5 hours of posting >_> I'm hoping that trend keeps up, that's almost as much as all of my other vids have made since I put them up.
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