Ginormous tattoos? (in General)

AbbathorX June 4 2012 5:02 PM EDT

I was looking at the strongest tattoos list and there seem to be a LOT of them in the 20-35M range all of a sudden. Did I miss something or is this reading wrong.

Seems fishy.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 4 2012 5:05 PM EDT

Nothing wrong bro this is a spill over from recent tournaments. NS already knows about it and is working on a fix for it as far as I know.

TheShazbot June 4 2012 5:09 PM EDT

Yep, alot of the stat pages are weird due to tournament characters. It's coming soon as a fix!

AbbathorX June 4 2012 5:20 PM EDT

Good to know, for a second I was worried I had forgotten to log in for a year or so. . .

AdminNightStrike June 4 2012 10:02 PM EDT

I am?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 4 2012 10:33 PM EDT

At least this is what I got from this thread:

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 4 2012 10:38 PM EDT

Could a Tournament only Boards be made? Just wondering.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] June 4 2012 11:05 PM EDT

There are tournament only boards, for each tourney even.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 8 2012 9:09 PM EDT

Alright then let me iterate in a better way what I mean. Can there be a Standings for everything Tournament that keeps ANYTHING Tournament from affecting regular char everything?

Do understand that everything that T-Char has is showing up in regular EVERYTHING. Tattoos, Attributes, Most Valuable Items (I know it has been fixed already but could happen again.) and History: Top Score/PR

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 13 2012 8:20 AM EDT


Dudster4 June 13 2012 8:26 AM EDT

It does kinda suck that under most high scores 80% of them are a tourney char.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 22 2012 12:20 AM EDT

Reminder Bump.
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