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Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 1:20 AM EDT

So to be honest, I'm quite bored of D3 already. I'm basically done Inferno, I'm massively disappointed in the game to begin with, and its just not fun to play anymore. The only reason I'm still even playing is to make money off the RMAH.

However there is a silver lining, I found this awesome game called Path of Exile. Basically it's what D3 should have been Currently its in closed beta, but its going open beta in august. You can currently get early access though for $10 or really nice members on the forums who get friend invites. I was lucky enough to win a beta key from a group of people streaming the game, so I will also have a chance to get friend invites soon.

The massive skill tree:

Example of gameplay:

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 1:35 AM EDT

Oh I forgot to mention this, the game is entirely F2P and all the micro-transactions are purely cosmetic. No pay to win here. This is the creators of the games' baby, they are extremely involved in the community and development of the game. I'm not joking when I say the Owner of GGG (Grinding Gear Games) put his entire life savings into the game, that's how much they are dedicated to this thing.

Joel June 27 2012 4:30 AM EDT

That game looks great, and I LOVE the skill tree! I might just have to shoot for one of those beta keys!

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 6:07 AM EDT

No joke I've been theory crafting for the class I chose on that skill tree since I posted this, I haven't even launched the game yet. There is a massive number of paths to take, and that's all passive skills, there are active skills too.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 6:09 AM EDT

Oh and there arent really "classes" per say, more like each "class" starts at a different location on the skill tree, and its easier for some to get to things then others, but there are no restrictions all classes can do the same things as every other class. It just might take more effort from their starting points.

Joel June 27 2012 9:01 AM EDT

Yeah, I love how massive the passive skill tree is! I looked it over a bit and I saw some passive bonuses to axes and two-handed weapons, so I'm thinking of picking the class closest to those bonuses, and having him use two-handed axes! I love axes :D)) I'm going to join today, if I can remember, after I wake up. I read that you can get a beta key by paying 10 dollars, but I'd prefer to get it for free, like you did. :P))

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 10:15 AM EDT

Been playing for the past couple hours on the Hardcore realm, this game is good. Really really good, and its HARD.

BTW For anyone wondering, dying in HC realm doesn't permanently kill your character, it is switched over to the Default (softcore) realm upon death so you can keep playing with it. (They use a ladder system similar to D2.) However in true spirit of HC I've deleted all 3 character that have died... yes I've had 3 level 4 characters die so far. I got up to level 41 in D3 on HC in 2 days, I died 3 times in less then 2 hours at level 4 in this game... Yeah I'm actually enjoying this like crazy. (Doesn't help I chose like one of the squishiest starting classes >.>)

Its dark, its gritty, its got customization out the wazoo, and they plan to have about 10+ acts in total by the time the game is out of beta.

Combat feels great, extremely unique skill system, awesome passive skill forest (that thing is the jungle man not a tree) Seriously I'd either have to make you a video or you'd have to play the game for yourself to see what I Combat feels great

Seriously can't praise this game enough, this is what I wanted D3 to be... and its free! (Well it will be once open beta hits)

I will possibly be buying a supporter pack that gets me 3 beta keys, not sure yet. Honestly I'd spend more if I could because this is one of those games that needs peoples attention.

I'd like to pull ever single hardcore player from D3 and send them to this game, they'd never go back to blizzard after the pile of garbage they put out in comparison to this indie game that's not even out of closed beta yet.

/me Goes and sells the rest of his junk on D3s RMAH

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 27 2012 10:18 AM EDT

"to see what I Combat feels great" = To see what I mean... copy/paste fail there.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] June 28 2012 9:56 AM EDT

For anyone who would like to see some more on this game.

Here is my first impressions video I did for my YT:

Here you can watch clips of a roughly 6+ hour live stream I did with another YouTuber:

First live stream both of us ever did, learning experience for the two of us.

Hilarious how we met actually, he was kind of trolling my D3 vids on youtube and in one of my annotations I was like "Screw D3 I've moved on to PoE" Which got us talking about it because he plays too and we just hit it off and decided to start streaming.

ScrObot June 30 2012 11:26 PM EDT

I've played Path of Exile a bit, it's a lot of fun. I decided to wait on D3 and am glad I did, everything I'm seeing just keeps turning me off more. This feels like a better successor to D2 than D3 was. They've actually innovated with the crazy skill spiderweb which is daunting to look at but quite cool.

Torchlight 2 is also around the corner, already pre-ordered that bad boy.

Drox Operative is also in beta now, from Soldak Games -- they made Depths of Peril (available on Steam) and Din's Curse (not on Steam), which are pretty fun ARPGs too. They get overlooked due to dated looking graphics but the gameplay is solid. Drox Operative is similar to the previous games except it's in space, and a lot of fun so far. There's a lot that still needs to be fine-tuned, but there's some great potential there as well. Pre-ordering gets you into the beta.

BadFish July 2 2012 10:35 PM EDT

PoE is amazing. Blows d3 out of the water. I stopped playing d3 a week after purchase and I wish I hadn't bought it. And that's coming from someone who played D2 up until a month before D3's release, and a former Blizzard fanboy.

Goodfish got me an invite but I got a new computer and I haven't tried getting PoE back on it yet- but this makes me want to now.
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