On Clans and Alliances........ (in Off-topic)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 28 2012 3:40 PM EDT

When we all join a Clan we have a reason for doing so and have a leader. The Leader/Owner is there to enforce rule as seen fit by him or in my case a consensus. This is no different for an Alliance. If you break the rules you are liable to be kicked and told you cannot come back.

Now as a Clan Leader and Alliance Runner I have the authority to tell people that they are no longer a part of the organization. This does not go the other way around unless the consensus of the entire organization is the opposite.

Joel I said you were out of the Organization, you go behind my back and convince people to let you in under false pretenses.....ok fine I will boot the Clan and have players jump ship to a new clan. This is not about control this is about one thing.


We obviously do not see eye to eye, you are about you I am about the Organization. You don't like it? I really do not care go make your own Alliance and oppose ours. Have a nice day!

Unappreciated Misnomer June 28 2012 4:53 PM EDT

Lol this is not an army I dont have to obey my clan leader, you are ripe with power and dilutions to think your word is god in the clan and what ever organization you created. Great for you if they all buy into what youre telling them to do.

You have no right to lay claim for such authority

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] June 28 2012 5:02 PM EDT

Look I am a laid back person when it comes to others in a Clan/Alliance Setting. I keep my own schedule and if others see fit to follow it so be it. However if you cause a detriment to others in the Clan/Alliance by your flagrant lack of restraint then well out you go. Really it's not that difficult. No one is forcing you to stay but by actuality I do have a button on my Clan Admin page that says I DO have the power to make you go. Now in the Alliance we have a consensus, if you cause strife then well same as before and the Clan Leader for the clan you are in boots you. At any rate thanks for the comment albeit a smidgen skewed.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] June 28 2012 5:23 PM EDT

I eagerly await David Ike's expose of the Organization ;)
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