Little Monitor help... could be worth 1mil CB... (in Off-topic)

The Pope [Serenity In Chaos] July 7 2012 9:27 AM EDT

Ok so I have a TV (RCA 19LA30RQ) that I want to use as a monitor for my desktop, but for some reason the TV won't work. The TV has a VGA connection. Any ideas what the problem is??? on the remote you can set it to PC mode, but it won't work as the monitor... I know there are some major PC minds on this site so any help would be great... If you can help me to get the TV work as a monitor you just made 1 Mil CB...

I really want to mirror my LCD monitor in a perfect world... if you can get my TV to just mirror my other monitor you make 500K...

IF your info leads to getting this TV working but you do not actually solve the problem I am willing to drop you a 100K...

HELP folks... I'm not next to my desktop right now so I can't get you the info on it, but I'm not sure that has much to do with it...

Sickone July 7 2012 9:43 AM EDT

Your TV's maximum actual resolution is 1366x768.

If you are trying to force it to display something of a resolution higher than it can (like, say, mirror your 1920x1080 FullHD computer monitor) it might not be capable of scaling down and instead display a black picture.
So, scale down the resolution of whatever you want mirrored to a maximum of 1366x768 before trying again.

Sickone July 7 2012 9:47 AM EDT

Also, you can always extend the windows desktop on to the HDTV and configure resolution on each display independently. Just make sure you select 1366x768 for it.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 7 2012 9:48 AM EDT

Question do you have the Drivers for that TV on your Comp? If not then this might be the reason for it not working.

Sickone July 7 2012 9:54 AM EDT

You may also need to either manually refresh the devices list or reboot your PC with the HDTV plugged into the PC for it to become available on the list of monitors you can extend the desktop on.

Special drivers should not be needed for any monitor or TV with PC input to show something, at the very least in 640x480.
You only need specific drivers in case you can't select in Windows some higher resolutions and/or refresh rates which you know the TV/monitor should be capable of, or want some special colour settings not otherwise available.
In other words, you almost never need any drivers.

Unappreciated Misnomer July 7 2012 10:34 AM EDT

With the 2 screens connected and the pc turned on, have you made the adjustments in the display setting from the control panel? from there the option for what youre asking and dual monitor can be listed if the options are available given you have the hardware to do this. the screen should work on your tv and you just have to adjust the resolution. I do this alot with my tv using windows with HDMI so im not sure there is much of a difference.

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] July 7 2012 6:12 PM EDT

What Painted Death said before me is more than likely the answer...I have 2 30" tv's that i alternate between monitors for my desktop, laptop, ps3 and the settings always get screwed up and always have to mess with it to get it working right.

Sickone July 9 2012 11:18 PM EDT

Thanks ;)
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