camping reboot idea (in General)

Catdog July 8 2012 7:24 PM EDT

an admin has shown interest in my idea so i'm going to post it here. in order for this to work the store would cost BA and fight rewards would be increased on the cash only of course.

picture going to the store and bam a pop up similar or exact to the buy BA link pops up with text that reads "A helm of Echelon can be bought for 28,425 would you like to do this please type yes or no in the box below. this would be only the user who triggered the box first item for 2 minutes or no has been entered then onto the next user. this ladies and gentleman is hack proof. thoughts?

Haloki July 8 2012 7:31 PM EDT

I like this (not nay-saying).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 8 2012 7:33 PM EDT

Gambling. ;)

Spend 1BA for a random treasure box chance.

Not a fan, sorry.

That's not to say others aren't, but it's not a system I personally enjoy.

Catdog July 8 2012 7:50 PM EDT

GL those who enjoyed camping would enjoy this. i'm guessing you did not camp when it was around

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 8 2012 8:13 PM EDT

Why not just take the Random Drop System decrease it's money depletion by 10% and dump it back into the Store without BA usage needed.

However I would suggest to change it to rotate between tabs. When you first go into the store you have Weapons and Armor, inside each are multiple tabs , well when you go between them there is a chance to find something. Just a thought.......

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 9 2012 5:04 AM EDT

Sienna, I distinctly remember the joy I got when I snagged an ELS towards the start of CB2 life.

Camping has always been about the competition.

This idea has no competition, and is purely a gamble/lottery.

Spend 1BA and get a hidden chance at receiving a treasure box.

You might just as well carry on fighitng, and wait for a Random Drop.

That's *far* better for you, as for your 1BA cost, you gain MPR/Cash, and you don't have to purchase the random item, you get it for free.

And I don't like the drop system! :P

Optimus(Prime) July 9 2012 6:37 AM EDT

But wouldn't the item rarity just decrease as well? I mean all the items consider rare, are now worth 20-80k base? Don't we have to many of them out there.

Dudster4 July 9 2012 6:59 AM EDT

It's not that there's too many items. It's that there's too few players.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 9 2012 7:57 AM EDT

Alright then let's look at this logically. Why not have the Random Drop System Scale by active player Base instead of at a Flat rate? Just have it do a Check at Cache Flush and set itself accordingly.

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] July 9 2012 8:17 AM EDT

It does scale.

Catdog July 9 2012 8:39 AM EDT

actually GL the results of camping would change CBs economic model making each rare more valuable allowing you to spend your BA in hopes of making more money while sacrificing EXP.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 9 2012 8:45 AM EDT

It does scale.

In what way Nat? Maybe it needs a bit of tweaking for it to be more applicable for what we have going on right now.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 9 2012 2:42 PM EDT

How would it make rares more valuable?

Everyone's already got every Rare they need, and don't have enough storage space.

And if you're talking about a massive influx of new players, well, that makes the existing rares, rare again, and would increase thier prices anyway.

We already have a random treasure box for getting an item, and it costs BA. I fail to see how your idea is any different to the current drop system.

Apart from it being far far worse, as you have to buy your random drop, and you generate no XP/Cash trying to get one.

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] July 10 2012 2:20 AM EDT

I have to agree with GentlemanLoser...I would love to camp again, I loved doing it in CB1 and made alot through it...but doesnt seem like theres enough new people coming in to make rares rare again...just camping the auction house over the last week I got all the items i need for my new 4 man team for fairly cheap as oppose to camping for "hopefully" one item to resell it for not that much...most rares today dont sell for alot and the ones that do are just a needle in a haystack of the rares.
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