closing the AH (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer July 10 2012 6:14 AM EDT

there is not enough demand for items these days, make item creation a forging job that way the prices for items goes up to have something forged into creation?

TH3 C0113CT0R July 10 2012 6:15 AM EDT

I like this!

Catdog July 10 2012 6:17 AM EDT

i wholeheartedly support this idea

Bounty Hunter July 10 2012 6:32 AM EDT

Purchase raw materials from the store?! Hmmm.

Unappreciated Misnomer July 10 2012 7:22 AM EDT

that's a bad idea, remember when Jon removed ammo from the game entirely.

materials if at all should come from breaking down other items, but I was thinking more of a ba and a formula.

miteke [Superheros] July 10 2012 8:38 AM EDT

Ammo sucked because you were forced to buy it and monitor it just to keep your missile weapons working. Plus there was the abuse of jacking up just a few pieces of ammo and using them defensively. This is totally different and does not place a nasty burden on the players or promote abuse. I like it. Rares are regulated by the time players are willing to put into creating them. Very good idea.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 10 2012 9:40 AM EDT

Closing the AH is a silly idea. The AH doesn't "spawn" items. Well it does at the moment because it is set to do but the main function is not an item spawner. Its purpose is to sell items to other players.

Now, if you want to stop in game spawns and drop rewards, that is a completely different topic. However, your solution of making it a forger job is kind of silly. Something that only a very few people do, you want to give them more to do? I already feel there is more forge jobs out there than the amount of forgers.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 10 2012 10:34 AM EDT

Well I think there is a few ways to settle things and kind of put them in the middle.

Don't put it on the Forgers EoD is right there are not enough of them to begin with, prices will get jacked sky high and only the absolute richest will get them......kind not fair to the masses. In one aspect I do agree that forgers should have a chance at getting a random drop with a successful cycle or something but not on the scale that was proposed.

PLEASE reduce how much cash it is taking for drops to happen. Rare Items at the moment really are not so rare anymore so they shouldn't cost so much........

Don't close the AH, instead make it more of a rarity in itself. In other words make it so the AH is only open at certain times. At least for now anyway, it's sad to see only a few items for sale and those were from a few days to a week before. My suggestion is make it like the good ole fashioned ones were, pick a night or two in the week and have a blowout( 24 hours should suffice) and then have the rest of the time off.

As a Side Note: Reduce Spawning and have another outlet for it say a special section in the AH(with the above proposed change), Store, or Businesses "Blacksmith Specials".

Just a few thoughts.....

Unappreciated Misnomer July 10 2012 5:49 PM EDT

well atleast stop the AH from spawning items that get bought up for <50% nw that only get de'd and sold to the store like the katanas and executioner.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 10 2012 9:59 PM EDT

I'm perfectly fine with the idea of the items no longer spawning in the AH and forgers having to make them. I do not think the AH should go away. It should be used more actually.

A % of auction price should be removed from the game for each transaction (instead of a listing fee). This would likely result in more auctions and less FS/WTB since there is no money lost for an auction not selling.

The reason there are more forge jobs than forgers is because the monetary gain right now is not beneficial enough to make up for the lost character growth. If forging the items results in a better profit, than good. That would mean it also results in an increased price. That is good too. The items are supposed to be rare after all and it would mean that more money is being removed from the game from transfers/transaction fees. Also, prices would likely increase as a result of it costing a certain price to make each item (this would in theory control the minimum price an item would sell for and also be another cash sink to remove money from the game)

I think all of these would better the CB economy. My other two non-AH related suggestions would be not allowing tattoos to sell to the store and removing disenchanting (at least for monetary gain, maybe for forging materials). With the removal of disenchanting put in a way to put items up for insta into the AH or a new store type entirely for this.

Dudster4 July 10 2012 11:12 PM EDT

Forging is terrible. It's what I've been doing for the last month or so. Even hitting almost every possible BA it's difficult to hit over 600k daily.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 11 2012 12:28 AM EDT

Forging sucks when the char you are using has low MPR. This is something that many forgers have complained about in the past. The only way to forge properly is to have high MPR but if you forge your char falls behind because of no Experience gained unless you fight. Forgers don't fight so no matter what the Forger becomes more and more inept over time which is a fallacy, over time Forgers should get better.

Honestly I think Forging should be by frequency used and points gained/lost by work done. Points should be attached to the account not the Forge in my honest opinion, as much as I believe CPs should belong to the account not the Clan. To avoid losing points, thus losing capability, the out of work Forger can work for the Blacksmith to Hone/Retain their Skills.

Just my thoughts on that subject.

TheShazbot July 11 2012 4:00 AM EDT

I will be switching to Forging at 4m mpr probably. I'm just a punching bag really.
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