Zenai/BestNUB (in Public Record)

BestNUB July 13 2012 7:20 PM EDT

Selling my char to Zenai for 200 USD, to be paid in installments.
Everything on San Guo Yan Yi and the char itself go to him. Windwalker assumes the debt I owe to Freekie.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 13 2012 7:25 PM EDT

Confirmed, and payments will begin as soon as I have Subucni paid in full.
I assumed the Xfer costs and forwarded it already:
Zenai (Horror) BestNUB (San Guo Yan Yi) $20000000 -- 4 Xfers 2 Windwalker Jul 12

Any Excess can either be sent back or counted towards the debt.

The Char and Items go to Windwalker.
The Tattoo goes to Gohan.

Thanks lil z it was great playing CB with you!

Windwalker July 15 2012 5:24 PM EDT

I assume the debt to freekie and wow is this some expensive deal
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