Clan Point Contest! (in Contests)

Django July 20 2012 10:27 PM EDT

Contest will start after cache flush this Sunday.
Contest will end the following week at cache flush on Sunday.

There will be 2 parts to this contest.
1st part is overall user clan points for the week.
2nd part is overall user clan points for the week by someone who is running a NCB. (Since most people are not buying BA for their NCB)

1st place will get 2M CBD.
2nd place will get 500K CBD.
3rd place will get 250K CB

To clarify, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for both parts of the contest. That is NCB and non NCB contest.

Does this sound fair and good? Can I get enough interest in this contest to make it a competitive clan point week? If not, I will try and come up with some other contest. Let me know. Thanks!

Joel July 20 2012 11:06 PM EDT

You're on, man! I'll be doing my best to give everyone a run for their money! Thanks for this awesome contest, Piper! Now I've got an excuse to activate Insight regularly, again! ^.^

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 20 2012 11:19 PM EDT

Challenge Accepted! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw is there an entry fee? I just want to make sure before everything starts :-)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 20 2012 11:23 PM EDT

Oh one last Question: Will this be separated by Regen Rate? Main reason for asking is because Higher Regen Rates automatically have the capacity to outdo Lower Regen Rates. It would be kinda unfair to be honest.

Django July 20 2012 11:48 PM EDT

There is no entry fee.

As for the 2nd question about the BA regen rate. The only thing I can think of is people in the 6 BA regen rate have a lot more clan targets on their opponents list than say someone in the 7 or 8 BA regen rate. This will give someone in the 6 BA regen rate more clan points per fight. But, I am open to suggestions. :)

TheShazbot July 21 2012 12:12 AM EDT

As long as everyone destroys Josh, that's what I'm looking forward to.

Also, please make it so the max hits on someone in a 24h period cannot be over 100. Thanks!

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 21 2012 1:46 PM EDT

What did I do?!?!

TheShazbot July 21 2012 3:24 PM EDT

I meant Joel. Whoops! Either way, anyone Underdog Rebellion will not be winning this.

Joel July 21 2012 4:02 PM EDT

Roflmao, bring it on, boy!

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2012 4:14 PM EDT

PG, child.

Joel July 21 2012 4:46 PM EDT

Ok, fat boy :P))

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2012 4:53 PM EDT

Careful, Charlotte. ;)

Joel July 21 2012 5:08 PM EDT

Oooh, calling me names! I'll spin a web for ya! How about "Delicious"! What do you think about THAT, Wilbur?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2012 5:22 PM EDT

I apologize to everyone for this inflamed hijack. Ask the admins please delete ours messages before PG child.

Joel July 21 2012 5:31 PM EDT

What's a contest, without a little trash-talk? I'd say this is perfectly on-topic! :D))

Haloki July 21 2012 7:46 PM EDT

Don't make a big deal over Joel he is part of a small community . Everyone here has something special in commen.... Let's all play this game and have fun! .... And nothing else matters :)

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 21 2012 7:50 PM EDT

No one cares about Joel but Shaz who was probably starting minor trouble with the easily trolled.

TheShazbot July 21 2012 9:21 PM EDT

You got me, I'm really just trying to get Joel to sperg out.

Django July 21 2012 9:52 PM EDT

Bring the trash talk! Anything to get the competitive fighting aspect back to CB. I will also throw in a bonus prize. If you beat my CP's for the week for this contest, I will throw you 250K CBD. Bring what you have this week!

Bounty Hunter July 22 2012 12:37 AM EDT

I am asking the clan leaders to drop alliances for this week only in the spirit of competition.

Django July 22 2012 12:57 AM EDT

I would also agree with Bounty Hunter and ask that the clan alliances be dropped for the duration of this contest. With our already small community, this will allow everyone to have more clan targets. It will also prohibit everyone from coming up with excuses for not winning the contest because I will crush you all!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 22 2012 1:10 AM EDT

I have no problem with that as long as DDW agrees. I will also exclude my CPs from the competition but will offer the same reward as Piper for matching or besting my score total for the week.

This shouldn't be difficult to do.

Joel July 22 2012 7:37 AM EDT

More money for me, yo! Everyone ready to wake up at 4AM, server time, on Monday morning? I am, because I do that EVERY Monday morning! ^______________^

Bounty Hunter July 22 2012 9:35 PM EDT

Yet by noon on Monday your not in first place anymore!!!

Joel July 22 2012 10:56 PM EDT

Doesn't matter a bit ^.^ This contest isn't about clan ranking, its about individual CPs! My clan will probably be even lower in the clan rankings, this upcoming week, but I'll be gaining 8 CPs every fight, instead of the usual 4-6. So, I'll have MUCH higher CPs for the week! I will win this, but I will enjoy watching you noobs torture yourselves, when you try to twist your schedules into ones that resemble my USUAL schedule! Lol, I wonder how many of you will pass out at various inopportune moments, throughout the day ^_________^ You truly do not know what you are getting into, lol!

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 22 2012 11:06 PM EDT

Joel has just inspired me to stay up all night!

Now I can procrastinate even longer on my HW ^_^

//Plays more Dota 2.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 23 2012 12:20 AM EDT

My clan will probably be even lower in the clan rankings, this upcoming week, but I'll be gaining 8 CPs every fight, instead of the usual 4-6. So, I'll have MUCH higher CPs for the week!

Will that be with or without your Wife's assistance? If it is with I would DQ you but that is just me......................

TheShazbot July 23 2012 1:46 AM EDT

Joel is showing signs of addiction. Sickening, really.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 23 2012 2:14 AM EDT

Not our game he's addicted to.

Joel July 23 2012 4:07 AM EDT

You would take me to Dairy Queen, Zenai? I thought you hated me! XD)))

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 23 2012 4:18 AM EDT

I don't hate you Joel, I never did at least not personally. Gamewise though I despise what you doing you Pseudo-Multi.

Bounty Hunter July 23 2012 10:38 AM EDT

Joel I was burning BA before it was even a thought in your head. So my comment again I will explain for you does not reference your personal ability but rather your teams ability to stay in first place. No offense EoD but how can you play with someone that will tap you just for score when he is getting farmed by someone else? And while you pretend to play mall cop and snicker that others can not keep up some of us really have served and have no problem keeping up, it builds teamwork, comradery and esprit de corps. I can post the definition if you like.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 23 2012 11:06 AM EDT

Per DDW's agreement Alliance Rules have been lifted for the competition, Have Fun!!!

Haloki July 23 2012 12:14 PM EDT

Oh Joel some of us remember the days of BA refresh per 10 min back when me and Bounty Hunter only slept in 2 Jr intervals...... This is diet cb don't be so impressed with yourself.

Haloki July 23 2012 12:15 PM EDT


Joel July 23 2012 1:15 PM EDT

Well, if I can beat you guys on "diet" CB, then I'm pretty sure I can be impressed with myself, since I beat you guys, and it was even EASIER to burn all your BA, per day. You guys have no excuse for letting me win, in this case! Step it up!! You're all on higher regen rates, AND you are hardcore enough to do what it takes to burn every one of your BA during Insight, fighting only 8 CP giving targets, so it should be no problem for you to beat me! ;D))

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 23 2012 1:22 PM EDT

Eh they all have plenty of time to wear you out you little Rebellious Pseudo-Multi Underdog. >:-D

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 12:52 PM EDT

Day 2 End of Big Exp Time

Day 2 End of Big Experience Time

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Piper (31,250)
Zenai (27,552)
Bounty Hunter (25,306)
Windwalker (24,420)
Joel (22,552)

Too busy farming himseナ ahemナthe wife today I guess

Joel July 24 2012 1:29 PM EDT

Hey, I get 8 CPs per fight, and I miss no BA. Check the weekly standings, and you'll see that I'm slowly creeping up the ranks. These 24 hour MVP CP statistics are a bit weird, as they fluctuate throughout the day, so taking a screenshot of your CPs, right after you burn 304 BA during the last 2 hours of Big Exp. Time, and then claiming you made more CPs than me, is pretty ignorant. I burned most of my BA during the very fist hour, so some of my CPs have decayed, since then. I only used about 70 BA, during the last hour. We will get an accurate reading of who made the most CPs, at cache flush, Sunday.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 1:49 PM EDT

*yawns* Oh you were talking? I did not know if you were talking to me or yourself.....ahem your wife or brother or.......... *shrugs*

Joel July 24 2012 2:05 PM EDT

Yeah, avoid the topic when you realize you were wrong, lol. And, since we're throwing out outlandish accusations, I might as well say that I think you aren't married to a woman, but are married to a man, and that your children are adopted. :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 2:13 PM EDT

That's it? That is the best you can come up with? I am severely disappointed Myriam errs Mansqui.....whoever you are.......

BTW I didn't take the screen shot just for reference I did put the weekly standings at the bottom.

Oh and just to get that competitive blood pumping "Come on bro, come at me!" *Points at his Clan Point Chin*

Joel July 24 2012 2:35 PM EDT

The weekly standings won't matter until the end of the week. Do you ever tire of being wrong?
Everything you post makes me think that you don't even care about checking up on the facts, first. Oh, but keep complaining about me and my wife! Maybe the admins will make a rule that keeps family from playing CB! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 2:44 PM EDT

The point of even posting the Weekly Standings for Day 2 was for the Record, I didn't do yesterday and that was my personal fault for not doing so. Someone should be doing it anyway I mean wouldn't you like to show how you overcame insurmountable odds and prove that your Underdog Rebellion starts with a strong leader?

PS: Your wife doesn't "Play" CB. By your own admission in Clan Chat all she does is sit in front of the computer and await your commands. That is about as close to a Multi as you can get.......Hence why I call you Pseudo-Multi Mojo JoJo!

Haloki July 24 2012 2:57 PM EDT

That is a multi back before Joel even knew what cb was they were resetting accounts for exactly what him and his wife are doing... Keep bragging Joel ... You a cheater.

Joel July 24 2012 3:17 PM EDT

I'm playing by the rules that are in play NOW. By these rules, I am NOT a cheater, so you can stick your archaic definition of cheating somewhere else, Haloki.

Haloki July 24 2012 3:19 PM EDT

Cheater say what?

Joel July 24 2012 3:47 PM EDT

Ask Zenai how he USED to feel about me and my wife. While I was still playing pawn for the Chaotic Serenity Brotherhood, he was absolutely FINE about it, because he thought that he could benefit from it, too!
Zenai, you double-standard using hypocrite, you should have closed the valve that controls the sewage spewing from your mouth, sooner, because you just let everyone know how much of a two-faced manipulator, you are!
You itemize each member of your Brotherhood according to their ability to help YOU out! Everyone who does your bidding is like a multi of yourself! You've got an entire CLAN of multis, the way I see it!
Also, each and every one of your "friend's" accusations, just REEKS of jealousy, and the hatred that comes from that feeling! Why don't you all just be mature, instead of crying like foul-lipped babies, because I have something that you don't!
Mommy!!! Joel has a completely legal competitive edge!!! Stop him, before he makes me lose my hope of ever being the best at this game!!!! All you 'fairness' spewing Socialists can just shut the Hell up, because YOU didn't make the rules, and you have to follow them, just like the rest of us! I AM following the rules, and just because you don't like it, you moan, groan, and complain all day about it! Being vocal isn't really a virtue. More often, it just means you're a loudmouth, that just can't stop himself from vomiting his hate-filled mind all over the forums! This is the very last time I'll say anything related to this subject, so bookmark this thread for future reference, and self-reflection. Good day, and have fun playing CB2, damnit!

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] July 24 2012 4:19 PM EDT

Pretty funny.. I have a large family.. 7 Brothers to be exact :P

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 4:39 PM EDT

Hehe what the trash talking getting to ya Pseudo-Multi Mojo Mojo?

Actually I didn't like it I even said so, I simply tolerated it. At least until I learned more of what went on while I was gone. The you did what you always do.....take it too far I finally said enough and you went ape.....(Mojo Mojo reference.....heh)

That was as far as I could read of your drivel the rest? Well TL;DR

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 4:56 PM EDT

Even the Spell checker doesn't like your name Pseudo-Multi Mojo JoJo .......

Awwwww Giving up already.......somehow I do not think that makes you qualified as "The Best"......just sayin

Truth of it is we all know you cannot do it on your own, gotta have the puppet wifey and what soon to be puppet brother to help you?

Love the trash talk right? I mean are you not the one that said it was all fair in competition?

Django July 24 2012 5:10 PM EDT

Why didn't you take a screen shot earlier when I had over 8k in clan points for 24 hours? Lol. Just a little self bragging :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 5:25 PM EDT

Just got home myself, hey take those screenshots bro! Always good to see awesome stuff like that!.....*wishes for 10/20 BA refresh*

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 24 2012 5:29 PM EDT

Pretty funny.. I have a large family.. 7 Brothers to be exact :P

Ohhhhhhhh Kef let's get them all on CB and Join one clan and name that Clan: Rebellion against the Pseudo-Multi, then have them be diametrically opposed the Underdog Rebellion X-D

just sayin..................

Haloki July 24 2012 7:30 PM EDT

Was that Joel or his wifes post maybe she is the crazy one who rants to us while he's at work mall coping it up...... We got Joel all wrong his wife plays he is the multi ;p

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 12:05 AM EDT

Time to shut this mother down! Yeeeeeaaaahhhh! Oh, I mean the thread. ;)
Maybe the admins will make a rule that keeps family from playing CB! Wouldn't that be awesome?!
We're a family oriented game and families have played together years before without incident. Even a child from one couple. Wink, wink. The rule has been no one way transfers between "family" accounts or to ask an admin beforehand.
Would you care to learn more of our rules? Wink, wink.
Zen is only wrong about the comparison to Mojo Jojo. That monkey had personality!
Also, Haloki, her real name is Charlotte.
[condensed version of joel's bipolar brainfart]
The irony. The awful displacement. This could ruin a herd of wildebeest via hoof to skull injuries. All this madness because you are losing from out the gate again. Tsk. Your defense to Zen's offhanded belly poke, which you personally requested, is claims of jealousy rather than denial? Good on you, Jojo.

Bounty Hunter July 25 2012 2:04 AM EDT

Hey Haloki and I are family why not have him play solely for my benefit and under my direction. I can tell him to farm certain clans and character so I benefit even if it is not in his best interest for development of character. Correct me if I am wrong but PR verses Score is how the challenge bonus is calculated and fight reward system is based. What other reason would you farm her except to your own benefit only after she burns BA and raises score (rinse, wash, repeat). Defeats the whole purpose of the game. But I offer this: Joel you may and do have potential as a competitive adversary and leader of your own clan. Just simply stop farming your wife's character and have her play to her own benefit. I would be the first to welcome this change and you back into the family. But for right now you have simply found a loophole in the rules. There are rules and there are unwritten rules. So why are new ones not written about this?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 6:01 AM EDT

Don't call this a loophole that will only further is incandescent pride over us muggles. ;)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 8:13 AM EDT

There are rules and there are unwritten rules. So why are new ones not written about this?

Because of the niceness of the Administrative Staff. They leave things open until someone abuses it, you know like the Defensive Wins Scenario.ナナナナ

He has a addictive personality so nothing in moderation for him.

So with this in mind Pseudo-Multi Mojo JoJo which of the two addictions will be the biggerナナナCP Contest or your Chars Growth?

Can you take NOT getting Optimal Challenge Bonus/Experience Rewards in EXCHANGE for making Optimal CPs?

Oops Sorry he already proved that he couldn't yesterday........too busy farming the "Wife" out of a Clan Bonus. >;-D

Catdog July 25 2012 9:13 AM EDT

Mansquito14 (Mansquito14) Zenai (NS Rentals) $20000 (rent 81655) Jul 3
Joel (Garage) Mansquito14 (Mansquito14) A Tattoo of Augmentation ($11033) Jul 3

same IP 1 way transfer

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 9:19 AM EDT

How much you bet the broham is staying on the couch until he can get on his feet because he hit hard times? Convenient Coincidence or..............

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 12:14 PM EDT

Day 3 Noon Server Time

> Clan MVPs: 24 hours
Piper (5,560)
Joel (4,122)
Bounty Hunter (3,576)
MonkeyMandate (3,398)
Zenai (3,024)< ==== Wow I am terrible.....

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Piper (28,640)
Zenai (26,280)< ==== Wait maybe not.......
Bounty Hunter (25,376)
Joel (24,722)
Windwalker (23,132)

*Calculates a bit* Wait I still have 60 Natural and 144 Bought BA to go......pssshhhh Pseudo-Multi Mojo JoJo who? >;-D

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 8:37 PM EDT

I think people are over exaggerating Joel's advantage with his current setup. The only thing he is really getting from it is fast farm.

Compared to what other people have done in this game to gain advantages I hardly see it as bad.

I.e. Trading characters around with 1600 BA saved up or trading a tattoo to multiple people during bonus EXP time to pump it up.

Both of those things could be considered "poor sportsmanship" and give a way more CB advantage.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 8:39 PM EDT

That ToA is old hat and known to the admins since day one.(pew pew ;)
We let it go because he's not good with rules. Wink.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 8:52 PM EDT

I think people are over exaggerating Joel's advantage with his current setup. The only thing he is really getting from it is fast farm.

Ummm three words: Are you kidding? If it were only a fast farm that would be one thing but this is completely another. That char for ALL intents and purposes is under his control the only thing keeping him from being a FULL Multi is the fact he has his wife pushing the buttons for him. So basically he is skirting the "No Multi'ing" Rule by a Technicality.

Haloki July 25 2012 9:06 PM EDT

The real reason this is wrong what if everyone did the same thing with our "wives" or whom ever.... That would be stupid.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 9:26 PM EDT

"We let it go because he's not good with rules."

Is he not good with rules or is CB not good at stating the rules? There is no "rules" page and the closest thing to it is when you first create an account which lists the only two written rules:

"You agree to use one and only one account.
You agree not to share access to the CB account you use."

All the rest of the "rules" that we know are unwritten.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 9:37 PM EDT

"The real reason this is wrong what if everyone did the same thing with our "wives" or whom ever.... That would be stupid."

Er so if everyone in the game just passed around one character, that would not be stupid?

Haloki July 25 2012 9:43 PM EDT

Passed around one char.... I'm saying anyone who wants to do this can, cb would have 100 people actually playing and 100 dopplegangers doing whatever the real player wants. That would be stupid..... I'm not sure what your point was btw.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 9:44 PM EDT

Joel has openly admitted he understands the multi rules and is doing this all for his own gain. Every newbie thus far has been informed in time, multiple accounts is mentioned in the sign up agreement when people arrive, we've never had to lawyer it up, so the point is rather moot.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 9:47 PM EDT

"You agree to use one and only one account.

He is using more than one account, his wife doesn't "Play" CB she awaits his commands. Without him she does absolutely nothing, she doesn't Post anything, doesn't come into chat, he eve makes deals and strat changes for her. He's skirting a "Rule" with a technicality and the fact that this is even remotely allowed is shocking to me. However I believe, or choose to believe, that he is being allowed to do this because he owes over 150 Mil to Areo.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 9:53 PM EDT

Worst. Contest thread. Ever.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 9:57 PM EDT

Well I know first hand that owing a debt to someone, no matter how large, does not prevent that person from being reset if they are truly a multi. *Cough Kefek cough*

Eh Zenai, some people enjoy playing games like that. I have played several games in my life time because a friend was super excited about it or whatever. And if I wasn't interested, I would be like "hey, just tell me what to do and I will support you and just make you stronger.". That can be fun in its own way.

Why do you think people play the priests and clerics in MMO's? ;P

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 10:08 PM EDT

EoD: Those are other Games not this one, compare apples to apples yeah?

"You agree to use one and only one account.

Joel is by definition using more than one account.

Haloki July 25 2012 10:18 PM EDT

Hello I'm Eod and I compare apples and oranges like it's my freaking job

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 10:28 PM EDT


Last I checked I was comparing this game to other games in the same genre.

I.e. They use strategy, multiple players, ect.

I mean come on, CB is even classified as a "MMORPG".

Unless I most compare objects to themselves...

//Picks up apple

"Oh man! This apple looks exactly like this apple. It has red skin and a brown stem..."

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 25 2012 10:37 PM EDT

Not working EoD, CB is a Niche game that is only Classified in the MMORPG Genre. Mostly it does NOT follow the same cookie cutter style of the rest hence why it has lasted so long. Nice try though you get a cookie for that :-)

Bottom line Joel is breaking a rule and we ALL know it. It's only a minor Technicality that he is using someone else to push the buttons.

If he is allowed to get away with this I will be sure to take this to a new level ala Joel Style.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] July 25 2012 11:08 PM EDT

Farming his wife is counter productive enough he'll never make top spot so do right hiring farmees after your BA bank & trade.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] July 25 2012 11:44 PM EDT

Sorry guys for trying to compare the incomparable :(

//Eats cookie happily


Haloki July 26 2012 12:25 AM EDT

I went out and bought a cookie.... I'm eating it because cookies ate not stupid!!!

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] July 26 2012 6:10 AM EDT

I rest my case that he's a sociopath....he's the Nixon of this game. Impeach joel.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 26 2012 7:26 AM EDT

Well this did get derailed because of my trash talking but it doesn't really matter as long as Joel still wants to participate in this contest.

Wait he may have to change his CP accrual tactics since the Suicide For Rewards Change, yet another all due to him abusing things.

Cheata got shut DOWN! Now Mojo JoJo let's see how well you do under your own steam. See ya at the end of the week on the CP Standings right after Cache Flush.


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 26 2012 8:01 AM EDT

All the rest of the "rules" that we know are unwritten.

I actually had to go look this up. EoD is correct, the closest we've got to written rules on same IP restricitons is;

I use the same IP as my roommate, will people suspect me of being a multi?

If you two act like a multi, you'll risk getting suspected of being a multi. If you don't, then there's nothing to worry. One of the quickest ways of getting suspected as a multi is to share items and cash. So try to avoid that.

I might have to brush up on mah non existant Wiki skillz and add a note stating that any type of transfer between accounts that share the same IP is forbidden.

At least it will be there in writing, right?

Bounty Hunter July 26 2012 8:12 AM EDT

Just because you actually transfer items or services from different IPS does not negate the fact that you do in fact still share a common IP address. So all rules for deals and transfers apply. You cannot sell a Corn for a $1 or transfer large sums of money without being subject to public record and admin approval that the deal is in fact legitimate and consistent with market value. Now that "suiciding" is another service in the CB world I would expect this service to start at 50% of average fight reward until market value can determine it. And yes the family member cant just turn around a sell CB and hand the cash back and then you buy blah blah blah...RESET!!!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 26 2012 12:08 PM EDT

Day 4

Clan MVPs: 24 hours
Bounty Hunter (6,878)
Windwalker (5,690)
Zenai (4,632)
Piper (4,604)
Eliteofdelete (4,236)

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Piper (28,286)
Bounty Hunter (28,230)
Zenai (26,422)
Windwalker (24,516)
Joel (24,458)

IPoop July 26 2012 2:43 PM EDT

I dont like Joels playing style and hes was the reason i left chaos before as it was basiclly just for him but i have to point out the irony of you lot moaning about him having life made easier when you dropped the alliance to make life easier and to try and win this.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 26 2012 3:31 PM EDT

We suspended the rules to allow free range to compete, nothing more or less.

Bounty Hunter July 26 2012 10:53 PM EDT

Actually that was my idea that Piper agreed would be fine for his tournament and approved by Zenai and DDW.

IPoop July 26 2012 11:08 PM EDT

dont get me wrong im not bothered who said what i was just pointing out the irony ... Zens post just happened to be the last one/one before mine was all .. id read about 10 before that as i hadnt been able to get on for well over half a day

IPoop July 26 2012 11:10 PM EDT

July 25 9:13 AM EDT ... that was the last post i read yesterday until i got back on read and then posted

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 27 2012 12:12 PM EDT

iPoop: No worries and really it was all to pick at him in the competition. It was all good trash talk until he went off the charts. Doesn't matter anymore though.

Day 5 Noon

Clan MVPs: 24 hours
Bounty Hunter (4,972)
Piper (4,914)
Eliteofdelete (3,988)
Zenai (3,860)
Sienna (3,674)

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Bounty Hunter (29,646)
Piper (28,172)
Zenai (25,354)
Windwalker (23,700)
Eliteofdelete (22,446)

Django July 28 2012 2:10 PM EDT

Stupid tourney! Has me in 8 BA regen, that's my excuse for not being in 1st lol

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 28 2012 6:11 PM EDT

Day 6 End of Big Exp Time

Clan MVPs: 24 hours
Zenai (6,816)
Bounty Hunter (5,760)
Eliteofdelete (5,228)
Windwalker (4,568)
Mikel (4,542)

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Bounty Hunter (31,534)
Piper (30,358)
Zenai (26,934)
Windwalker (24,678)

Eliteofdelete (24,640)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 29 2012 4:02 AM EDT


Clan MVPs: 24 hours
Bounty Hunter (8,310)
Zenai (5,920)
Windwalker (5,362)
MonkeyMandate (4,720)
Ancient Anubis (4,450)

Clan MVPs: 1 week
Bounty Hunter (35,314)
Piper (33,028)
Zenai (29,134)
Windwalker (26,984)
Eliteofdelete (25,940)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] July 29 2012 4:04 AM EDT

Good show Bounty Hunter!

Zenai (Horror) Bounty Hunter (Sith Lords) $250000 -- CP Contest Winner 4:03 AM EDT

Bounty Hunter July 29 2012 12:24 PM EDT

Nice contest Piper. This proves that BA refresh rate has an advantage over even the most powerful characters. About half of my fights were 6 pointers due to the scarce availability of 8 pointers that I can beat. I think I missed like 6 refreshes the whole week.

Here is my challenge to Piper since you have a talent at running mini contests and challenges. I will donate 1 million CB to your next contest or challenge of your design. If at least 10 other players match my offer I will donate the 2nd million of my prize money. If you accept this Piper post which character you want the money to go to and let the games begin.

Django July 29 2012 3:22 PM EDT

Recent Transfers
From IP To What When
Piper (Contest) ResistanZ (Nightmare Fuel) $250000 3:21 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Catdog (Kombat) $500000 3:20 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Ancient Anubis (The Immortals) $250000 3:20 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Eliteofdelete (Epitaph) $500000 3:19 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Windwalker (Covenant) $2500000 3:18 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Bounty Hunter (Sith Lords) $250000 3:17 PM EDT
Piper (Contest) Bounty Hunter (Sith Lords) $2500000 3:17 PM EDT

Django July 29 2012 3:23 PM EDT

Great job this week and thank you for participating in my contest.

Catdog July 29 2012 3:39 PM EDT

was fun man you have cool contests

Haloki July 29 2012 7:01 PM EDT

Great job brother ......... Long live the serene!!!

Haloki July 29 2012 7:08 PM EDT

Oh btw 100 post!!!

Mikel July 29 2012 11:08 PM EDT

Well that just sucks. I didn't miss any ba this week :(

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] July 29 2012 11:12 PM EDT

Well that just sucks. I didn't miss any ba this week :(

Did you use the "Insight" ritual though?

Bounty Hunter July 30 2012 12:20 AM EDT

Well for the record I bought BA and used 95% plus during ritual insight time:)

Mikel July 30 2012 12:28 AM EDT

Insight Ritual is not on my list.
I have Solitude of the Seas, Tempest and Leviathan Scales.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] July 30 2012 12:29 AM EDT

You have to forsake your god and choose a new one. It has no bad effects whatsoever to forsake them. Varda offers insight.

Mikel July 30 2012 12:31 AM EDT

Well I like Solitude. :) keeps you guys from getting max points from my clan. I'll look and see what all Varda has to offer.

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] July 30 2012 12:36 AM EDT

hehe, we actually used to do that in the begining of CS. You can switch to Insight during your own burn times to gain 2 extra per fight, then on your down time forsake and activate solitude. Its not a bad strat.
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