Holy Crap CB! (in Off-topic)

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 5 2012 7:30 PM EDT

How doth CB Rank?

According to these guys well.....see for yourself. Try to find some others folks I think more comparisons should be listed!

Unappreciated Misnomer October 5 2012 7:38 PM EDT

only worth $719?

TH3 C0113CT0R October 5 2012 8:42 PM EDT

wow cb is worth way more then that.. thats like a kick in the face with a golf shoe..

well thats my opinion anyway...

Sickone October 6 2012 12:51 AM EDT

They're rating its advertising and landing page potential worth, not its IP's worth, which is a completely separate thing (and not automatically determinable), nor its other revenue streams (also not able to be determined by them).
And since it's generating only minimal page views and has a tiny number of unique visitors, also it's not using any advertisments generating revenue either, so it's only normal the worth would be minimal.
In fact, I'm quite surprised it's that HIGH, in those circumstances.

That being said, how much revenue do you think CB is actually generating ?
There's ~133 named items in the game right now if I counted right, so let's call that 55 USD/month average (probably a lot less due to transaction fees) and not much more extra per month for supporterships (I would be surprised if we actually get more than two per month on average, probably we're getting less than one on average per month), purchase of special items is also minimal.
I would be quite surprised if the game would actually even manage to take in more than 70 USD/month right now. And I assume a good chunk of it actually goes to hosting the game itself, leaving virtually no profit to speak of (if it's not actually operating at a loss).

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 6 2012 1:01 AM EDT

Facebook and Google go back and forth for #1. Google now has Google+. Imagine if Facebook creates/integrates a top notch search engine so you don't even have to tab over to Google for searches...

Sickone October 6 2012 1:04 AM EDT

P.S. It might be time to simply start selling CB$ for cash from system accounts (at lower rates that what's generally offered by current players), and allowing previously USD-only features to be paid with CBD (but at much, much worse rates), then adding a lot more mixed payment USD/CBD features that only give a minimal advantage (preferably offering convenience mostly).

The list of things that could be offered range from stuff like timed subscriptions for higher BA cap (at a CBD cost that makes it nearly pointless to use for anybody that's not offline more than 16 hours on a regular basis), one-shot on-demand XP/CBD wacky times (with money wacky time not profitable normally, and barely profitable if having a full BA boosted cap from before), permanent extra character slots, permanent extra holding space, temporary renting of certain-size items (at much worse worse rates than regular rentals and a lot worse than slowly creating it yourself, but ideal for quick tests), and so on.

ALL of the USD payments should also be able to be made with an extra intermediate quasi-currency - you buy a larger package of it (to lower transfer fees) but can spend it in the tiniest of increments at any time later (after having purchased it initially). This quasi-currency would also be freely tradeable between players (for CBD or USD) or even auctionable, but could not be redeemed into cash via the system directly (only consumed instead of USD).

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 6 2012 1:08 AM EDT

I should say #1 in terms of traffic.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 6 2012 12:13 PM EDT

Sickone: Please try to find a Site that will back up your hypothesis and link/post it here. Otherwise it will simply seem as some more doom and gloom perspective from one player.

Sickone October 6 2012 2:17 PM EDT

What doom and gloom ? The income level of CB ?
All you need to do is ask an admin who can actually double-check the cash transaction amounts (item namings, supporterships and special item purchases) to know what the RAW REVENUE is, because CB has no other revenue sources, and we know how much each of that brings in.
The profit, if any, has to be noticeably below raw revenue, since from that revenue one needs to pay for the maintenance of the server (power bills and internet connection at a minimum) and all the bank transfer fees.
Do you have some ideas as to which revenue sources I might have missed ? Because player-to-player transfer is NOT a revenue source for the game. If would be, if the game was selling the stuff, but otherwise, nope.

So, tell me, how much revenue do YOU believe CB brings in on a monthly basis, and how much of that is left after fund transfer processing fees for the incoming cash, then power and internet bills for the server (and god forbid you need to do any actual hardware maintenance on the server due to some damage or such)?
How exactly would any other site get to even BEGIN to appreciate any of THAT automatically just by looking at this site's visitor count and (total lack of) advertisements anyway ? Do you think the internet works like magic or telepathy or somesuch ?

As for the other metrics of value, the ones that CAN be beasured automatically (or semi-automatically) ?

Heck, little under 600 unique visitors per month, when the "active users in past 7 days" number is MERELY A PALTRY 93, that sounds in the roughly correct ballpark.
In fact, that's a VERY generous number, given the circumstances, probably due to some people logging in from dynamic IPs being registered as multiple unique visitors, and people who maybe just take a glimpse at CB and seldom (if ever) come back.

Also, what other site, pray tell, would you think might give higher ad revenue estimates for CB, given those metrics ?
And what makes you hope the real metrics are any better ? Do you have any back-of-envelope calculations you can share with us ?

So where exactly is the doom and gloom again, as opposed to cold, harsh realism ?
The situation has been more or less like this ever since Jon all but abandoned active involvement in CB, because, as HE put it, back THEN, it was not much over paying the bills, certainly not enough to actually make a living from.
And it's gotten a lot more deserted since then, so the profits certainly didn't pick up (again, if they still even exist anymore).

Sickone October 6 2012 2:48 PM EDT


Valuation Report for:
Your Site is worth:
We use publicly available information to estimate the value of websites. We are confident of our estimate, but understand that it is an automated estimate. This is the website estimate ... not the whole business!
Some Data:
Alexa Traffic Ranking: 478998
Google Page Rank: 5
Backlinks found: 942
Value Ranking : 1213480



carnageblender.com is worth $128. This makes carnageblender.com the 2,720,057 most valuable site on Stimator.com.

carnageblender.com scored 11 for Page Rank, 8 for Backlinks, and 7 for Traffic Volume.

Also, carnageblender.com scored 0 for Social Bookmarking, 50 for Directory Inclusion, and 15 for Domain Value. Overall, carnageblender.com has performed Poorly on our site valuation analysis.



Estimated Data
Website Worth: $716.13

Daily Pageviews: 327

Daily Ads Revenue: $0.98
Estimated numbers for www.carnageblender.com

Index Info For: carnageblender.com
Alexa Rank: 3,065,165
Quantcast Rank: 0
Compete Rank: 0
Backlinks: 0
Google Indexed Pages: 0
Google Indexed Images: 0
Yahoo Indexed Pages: 0
Live Indexed Pages: 10
Dmoz Listing: No
Dmoz Title:
Dmoz Description:
Dmoz Category: Games: Video Games: Roleplaying: Browser Based
Host IP:
Site Hosted in: United States
Site Age:
Created: 2000-11-11
Expires: 2012-11-11
Updated: 2010-10-11
Domain Suffix: Commercial



carnageblender.com has 3,973,506 global traffic rank by alexa and is getting 83 page views per day. Approximately making USD 0.25 a day in terms of advertisement. It has 46 backlinks according to alexa.The website is most popular in with a ranking of No data. Estimeted worth of carnageblender.com is USD 181 according to getWebsiteWorth.
Domain carnageblender.com
Global Rank 3,973,506
Daily Pageviews 83
Daily Ads Revenue $0.25
Top rank by country No data
Rating 1 out of 5


and so on and so forth.

Sickone October 6 2012 2:52 PM EDT

Again, I repeat, that's just the ad-revenuable potential for the site itself. The rights to the game's code and any other revenue streams are not and can not be automatically determined by any such site.
Also, while CB might have sentimental value even just "as is" and nothing else for current and former players, that still doesn't turn it into an easily and automatically estimated commercial value just yet.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 6 2012 5:41 PM EDT

Sickone: You know I have been patient and have backed off a lot as of late on pretty much everything. Especially anything you have been/or have become involved in. The entire idea revolves around the premise that for some reason you have decided to come at me every chance you get on everything you feel you can.

So I will ask straight: Do you have a problem with me in particular? If so do you think we can keep it in CMs and out of Forums? Seriously bro it is starting to get annoying.

Sickone October 6 2012 9:47 PM EDT

Absolutely nothing personal, you just somehow managed to seemingly have a few opinions that have strongly clashed with my own opinions.
As for the perceived "strongly coming after" part, that's just what I do when I feel I am right and the other person wrong, after being convinced I have more than adequately explained my position but the other party seems not to budge at all and does not present a sensible counter-argument.
I suppose I have been on a slightly shorter fuse lately (due to RL circumstances), but that at most enhances the magnitude and shortens the delay of the response - all you need to do avoid my tirades is to back up your claims with verifiable facts or reasonable logical inferences based on those facts, and not dodge either easily verifiable intel nor conclusions drawn from that solely based on the fact that they're an inconvenience if they would be true.

Fact remains, it should be fairly obvious that CB has a very limited set of income streams, which should be relatively easy to guesstimate if only given data the game already provides, after applying some basic logic (which was also explained), without the need for some other site doing that estimation (as if any other automatically-generated site would even try to, that request sounded absurd to me).
If you are convinced the logic is flawed, point out where.
If you are convinced the guesstimations are off, say by roughly how much (and in which direction), then argue why your estimates should be considered as being more accurate.

Advertising is not one of those sources of income, and potential ad revenue is the main factor in the automatic estimations made by such sites as those posted in here so far ; it's also only a very rough estimate, easily being able to miss the actual potential value by a whole lot.
There should be no surprise that those price estimates were extremely low on those sites.

And either way, an estimation of the game lore/code IP value was not even attempted, same story with emotional value.
At this point, that's pretty much all that CB still has going for itself, everything else is very slowly sinking towards rock bottom, and has been, for years (and could last a good few more years like that just fine).

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 6 2012 10:09 PM EDT


First off I can give a care less about your personal situation, no offense intended. RL should be kept there while GL should be kept here. When we mix things is when problems become intolerable.

Second your inferences on what proof should and shouldn't be has no beings on opinion to which we all have a right to. Problem is I am not throwing mine at you so don't throw yours at me. I "Voice" my opinion and then stand behind it, there is nothing wrong with that so back off bro.

Third you sir need to take a damned chill pill as you are allowing your emotions to override your sensibilities hence creating issues in your own mind that in reality are not that bad.(At least on here anyway)

Finally if you go off on me one more time, because it simply makes you feel better to vent, in forums rather than in CMs I will return the favor in kind.

In short get in control of yourself this is NOT like you!

Sickone October 7 2012 5:34 AM EDT

And I voice my opinion and stand behind it too, just with more force.
Was I directly or personally insulting or anything like that instead of being mostly just factual, even if maybe aggressively so ?
Care to stop discussing the persons involved in the discussion and start discussing the issues we were supposed to be discussing ?

The issue is the value of CB.
The value of CB comes from three separate things :
- the value of the IP itself, from any lore to the actual game code (which no site will ever even begin to estimate) ; optionally, you can add "sentimental value" to the list - either way, this one could be as valuable or worthless as any potential buyers would consider them to be, if CB was ever up for sale, which I kind of doubt would ever happen
- the realized value of the running operation, which depends almost exclusively on the realized profit (if any), and is therefore total revenues minus total expenses (no automatic appraisal site will ever try to estimate THAT one fully). Revenues can be estimated by any player based on freely available data ; expenses are harder to quantify but can still be guesstimated. The revenues are quite tiny, to the point where they barely go over minimal operating expenses, the game would cease existing if it had to rely on non-volunteer work.
- the POTENTIAL ad-supported revenue stream of the site itself (based on actual ad revenue likely to be made which would be included in the revenues realized above, then overall site traffic, search engine ranking, backlinks and other potential traffic attractors), which is the only thing those other sites above will try to estimate, and even that with a fairly wide margin for error

Sickone October 7 2012 5:42 AM EDT

P.S. Samples from the "active users from the past 7 days" page:
Oct 2004 -> ~1000 (CB1)
Feb 2007 -> ~400 (CB2)
Nov 2009 -> ~210
Mar 2010 -> ~180
Jul 2010 -> ~160
Oct 2012 -> ~90 (now)

Sickone October 7 2012 5:59 AM EDT

P.P.S. Everybody is entitled to have and express their own opinion, which may or may not be reflecting reality.
I respect the right to HAVE and EXPRESS an opinion, but that's about the only thing I generally respect without further qualifiers.

There's only one reality we know of, and opinions can be either factual, speculative, guesswork, or downright wishful thinking.

Nobody is entitled to their own facts which disregard reality.
Just because an opinion is popular doesn't make it right.

Nobody is entitled to have their non-factual opinions be respected as having equal weight to opinions which more accurately reflect reality.
In fact, doing so is a surefire way towards trouble in the future.

Any certain person can hold multiple opinions, with some of them clearly factual, some disputed, and some clearly not factual.
You can and actually SHOULD attack the non-factual opinions, or even the disputable ones, without attacking the person expressing them. That's how progress happens.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 11:59 AM EDT

Sickone: Here's my point and after this I will say I am done talking with you. Cutting you off seems to be the only way to shut you the hell up.

Get this and get it well. Keep the subjects straight and leave other threads OUT of the current one. It's this kind of muddling that causes crap to happen.

Another point to make is that you do NOT have to act like a jackass to dispute another persons point/statement or even passing comment. It's called have a modicum of fricken self-respect and manners.

Things like that is what makes people NOT want to be around and post in forums because it boarders on trolling.

Case in point I asked you if you would post some links rather that give your opinionated doom and gloom speech. Many have done it and gave nothing factual behind it, including me. I wanted to avoid it in my thread. What happens you seem to take it personally and attack me, post a bunch of rhetoric, and show your posterior. Well for that screw you! You didn't have to do that, you can talk to people without demeaning them you freaking jerk!

Good Day......or not as it were

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 12:12 PM EDT

PS. Thanks for ruining my thread! Admins please close it as it is no longer what it was initially intended to be.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 7 2012 12:25 PM EDT

Everybody is entitled to have and express their own opinion....

But we'd all be happier if far fewer of you insisted on taking advantage of that particular entitlement. I have the right to an abortion, but I don't try to get knocked up on a regular basis just to exercise it.

Lochnivar October 7 2012 12:32 PM EDT

But we'd all be happier if far fewer of you insisted on taking advantage of that particular entitlement. I have the right to an abortion, but I don't try to get knocked up on a regular basis just to exercise it.

The most spectacularly and hilariously inappropriate comment I have had the pleasure of reading in quite some time. I love you.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 7 2012 12:41 PM EDT

Bast... I don't think anything could ever make a point better than what you've said...

Sickone October 7 2012 2:04 PM EDT

Get this and get it well. Keep the subjects straight and leave other threads OUT of the current one.

I didn't bring them in here, you did.
I didn't insist on them, you did.
In fact, I flat out said to just forget about them, but you didn't.
Why are you accusing me of something that is almost entirely your doing ?

I asked you if you would post some links rather that give your opinionated doom and gloom speech

Links to what ? To a site that can tell you CB is worth much more than the one you posted in the OP ?
There's no site that can possibly automatically estimate CB at a radically higher value, and I explained to you WHY that is, repeatedly.
The only thing that can be automatically estimated is potential ad revenue, and that is very low for CB. For everything else that can ADD value to CB, there's no site that can give you any such info without a person actually looking at the game personally first (which will not be free of charge, and they will not reach a significantly different conclusion).

If facing the reality of CB's current situation is "doom and gloom" in your opinion... yeesh.

You do NOT have to act like a jackass to dispute another persons point/statement or even passing comment. It's called have a modicum of fricken self-respect and manners.

So how exactly DID I act like a jackass ? By presenting an accurate portrayal of the current situation ? Or by not being extra careful to not hurt any of your potentially delicate feelings ?
And no, it's called ignoring when other people are wrong and allowing them to wallow in their self-delusions. And you're not helping anybody by doing that.

Thanks for ruining my thread!

So what exactly WERE you expecting anyway ? Some site that tells you CB is worth 50k USD or even more ?
I can probably find such a site, but the next step would be ordering a paid personalized report, and a signed letter from a nigerian prince. Because it's a scam.

You might as well repost it with the sub-title "only hopeless optimism allowed", if that's what you really want.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 2:12 PM EDT

Here I will make this easy for you Sickone, you in your overly wordy way take things a bit too far in every single way as of late so I will return the favor in a very clear manner:

[Admin Edit Paragraph]

In short [Admin Edit]

Now Admins will you please close this thread before Sickone goes off on anther tangent that I will have to cuss him out over?

PS. [Admin Edit]

Sickone October 7 2012 2:21 PM EDT

So you think I would NOT tell any people to their face that they're wrong after asking everybody within earshot range something ?
If it's somebody I know and give a damn about, you can bet I would say something. I would only stay silent if I don't give a damn about that person.
I guess you want me to not give a damn about you or what you think. In that case, mission accomplished.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 2:28 PM EDT

Sickone the only [Admin Edit] thing you care about it getting your [Admin Edit] point across no matter the end result. You always and I ado mean always shove your [Admin Edit] ideology down peoples throats and expect it to be ok. Well [Admin Edit]! I didn't ask for it nor do I welcome it. You want me to "Act Right" according to your rule set, follow mine....don't want to do it? Cause and effect [Admin Edit] get the [Admin Edit] over it!

Sickone October 7 2012 2:31 PM EDT


Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 2:36 PM EDT

What part of [Admin Edit] did you not get [Admin Edit]? This is of course rhetorical to which you are NOT supposed to answer back by your own words [Admin Edit].

Sickone October 7 2012 2:42 PM EDT

The part where I am supposed to comply with your ridiculous demands caused by some grudges you may have festering for some reason and can't put aside in order to talk about the issue you have brought up yourself by posting the thread.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 2:44 PM EDT


[Admin Edit]

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 7 2012 3:03 PM EDT

Just to show I believe in being fair concerning things of this nature:

Zenai (Horror) TourneyPrizes (3.58m-1) $5000000 -- For Profanity Usage 3:02 PM EDT

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 7 2012 7:16 PM EDT

Thanks, guys! Gun was thinking it, but his example would have involved animal husbandry.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] October 7 2012 8:54 PM EDT

Actually the image of your dead fetus surplus left me impotent and completely forgetting about my fellow furry haunch grabbers.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 7 2012 9:36 PM EDT

Only the latest in excuses vis a vis your impotence.
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