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Duke November 6 2012 10:52 AM EST

The race is bit too close to be call right now. Obama seem to lead in poll but something that you learn in politic is the left is often the majority but are less incline to go vote.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 6 2012 11:11 AM EST

Well in defense of those that just don't want to go and vote I will give you a bit of reasoning, at least from my perspective that is.

The Overall Voting Experience SUCKS!!!

You wait in awful long lines, more often than not, surrounded by frustrated, cranky and foul smelling people. This is usually AFTER you have dealt with the parking nightmare beforehand.(This includes early voting as well.) Only to come down to vote for people either you have not heard of EVER or you have to pick between two constituents that you cannot stand.(Lesser of two evils......)

I loath going voting for these reasons and the main underlying reason is that it doesn't really matter since even if it DOES go your way(via Voting) it RARELY turns out the way you think it would.(The politician does not perform to standard in some way etc etc)

Don't get me wrong when I find someone I like and can get behind I do go and vote for them regardless of the conditions. I just don't put too much stock in them on an overall and I go super prepared. Yes I am the one that is usually there over night or several hours before the Ballots open, I have everything I need including portable camping chair, prepacked snacks/meals, drinks(soda, gatorade, water) in a cooler(s) and a portable shade with minifan.(and whatever other misc. gear I think may be needed) :-D

AdminNightStrike November 6 2012 11:14 AM EST

While voting for the president usually doesn't have that much weight unless you are in a swing state, on election day there are far more things to vote on. For instance, there's a resolution up for vote in NJ to allow the state to change the payment contracts of the state supreme court justices. That's important, as there are distinct arguments on both sides that have quite a bit of merit.

Fishead November 6 2012 11:34 AM EST

Permanent absentee voting is the way to go.

RavePunkRobo November 6 2012 11:56 AM EST

My high school band teacher posted on Facebook that prop 30 would affect his job and music education in public schools :(. As a musician that kind of means a lot to me as well lol. As for presidents, I hope Obama wins though... I don't like either of the presidents but I think Obama will be better for America.

Kirsti November 6 2012 2:36 PM EST

I just hope Gary Johnson gets at least 5%.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 6 2012 3:58 PM EST

Voting in my state is awesome (Washington). We get ballots in the mail and just have to mail em in, so we have more then enough time to review the options presented on the ballot. Which is precisely the way I like it.

Duke November 6 2012 7:53 PM EST

In alberta canada they are testing online voting and that the future with permanent voting list. As for not voting well if you dont mind that someone else choose for you and that you have no influence over where your country is heading dont vote. I think ppl should be allow to vote starting at the age of 16 directly in school. Its would spur student to take leadership and to get involve at a younger age.

Duke November 6 2012 9:23 PM EST

Well i think its safe to say that Obama will win the election by now.

AdminNightStrike November 6 2012 9:58 PM EST

Really? Romney is in the lead.

Also, what in blazes is the "NSA caused 911" party that was on the docket?

AdminNightStrike November 6 2012 10:01 PM EST

Election Results

Candidate Popular vote Percentage Electoral votes (270 to win)
Mitt Romney 22799558 50% 153
Barack Obama 21989987 48% 143
Control of House
218 Balance of power
Control of Senate
50 Balance of power

Duke November 6 2012 10:21 PM EST

Well a) that does not count california vote B) blue state in the east have tendency to close at 21H and not 20H. So early popular vote will go for GOP.

Oby got Wisconsin penn NH and lead in Florida/Ohio. Then add the point when the west coast will close. He got a win by a large margin.

AdminNightStrike November 6 2012 10:35 PM EST

I added up the states that are left. It looks like Romney has to win FL, OH, and VA to win the election. That's possible, but the likelihood drops as time progresses.

AdminNightStrike November 6 2012 11:07 PM EST

I just found out that NJ dropped a vote.. down to 14. That kinda blows... not that there's any possibility of us ever voting non-democrat.

I want to live in a swing state so that my vote counts :)

Sickone November 7 2012 2:21 AM EST

Huge side-note...

It's funny how you guys (USofA-ians) still uphold a system (the electoral college, the huge delay between voting and presidential instatement, etc) ALMOST SOLELY designed to mitigate the logistics issues of the election process that existed way back then, more than two centuries ago, when we had no trains, cars, let alone planes, and the demographics and/or socio-economic conditions of individual states looked radically different.
You should have switched instead to just going with the straight-up count of the popular vote ages ago, AT LEAST after WWII, if not even before WWI.

Lord Bob November 7 2012 2:25 AM EST

I would just like to say...

QBsutekh137 November 7 2012 11:53 AM EST


The Overall Voting Experience SUCKS!!!

Sorry to hear that. :\ Voting experience has always been great for me in Wisconsin. Yesterday my wife and I, kiddo in tow, walked in, got our validation slip (about a minute for both of us), got the ballot, and voted, all with no wait. In and out the door was maybe five minutes, and some of that was waiting for Vivian to toddle around a bit. *smile*

As for Electoral college, it is pretty disappointing. I wrote a local legislator (state senator) a long time ago about reforms like run-off voting. I finally, last week, got back a letter (at least it was signed with real ink) about how Wisconsin needs the Electoral system to matter as a state. Pretty sad. My original message wasn't even about the electoral system (one _could_ implement an instant run-off system and still use the electoral process as-is), and I am not sure the senator even understands the Electoral system. We could easily proportion out our electoral votes as a state, and give the two senator-based ones to whatever candidate wins the state as a whole.

Ah well, no wonder vote reform will likely never come to pass in my lifetime.

Sickone November 8 2012 2:06 AM EST

I am not sure the senator even understands the Electoral system

I'm pretty sure he doesn't. Most of them don't. They have other people to do the actual thinking for them. They're all about posturing and striking deals and other such nonsense.

QBsutekh137 November 8 2012 11:53 AM EST

Well, he was actually one of the senators who headed to Illinois in an attempt to slow down Walker's agenda (fleeing didn't work). That doesn't indicate intelligence, but I thought such a Democrat might actually, you know, understand how flawed the voting system is at just about every level.

It is hard for us to BE the gov't when our main power -- voting -- is so crippled and disenfranchising.
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