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Bounty Hunter November 14 2012 12:06 PM EST

Here is an interesting article about the declining gaming console sales and possible future direction of the gaming industry. Also in your opinions will the new WII be a success?

Dudster4 November 14 2012 2:22 PM EST

The WII to me isn't a serious game console. It's cool to mess around with, but me as a serious gamer I can't play it.. I don't play for fun i'm playing to be competitive and win. I was strictly a console player until I started playing the original Planetside about 6 years ago. Now with it's sequel on the way i'm mostly a PC gamer. There are a few titles I play for the story on the Xbox (Halo, Gears Of War etc.) but I love the feel of Planetside's massive scale and it just can't be achieved on a console. The downfall of course is the variety of PC's and the cost compared to a console. I paid $400 for my xbox 5 years ago, but i've dropped over $3000 in pc parts in that time to stay competitive. You guys should check this game out because it is the future.

Sickone November 14 2012 2:47 PM EST

That happens when you wait too long to release a brand new "mainstay" console, so that even handhelds get close in processing power, a dirt-cheap PC surpasses it, while a serious PC runs circles around it, and when most of the game offerings are TAILORED to the badly aging console segment. Also, focusing on visual detail alone to the detriment of almost anything else can't possibly help. And long boot-up and check-up sequences are annoying. And a lot of other things.

Personally, I'm a die-hard PC-only gamer. Played a few games on almost any that exists, but never owned one.
Hate console controllers, would not give up mouse+keyboard, even if you paid me a salary (well, maybe, depends on the salary, it would have to be pretty large to even consider it).

I also do not own a TV (only monitors with no TV tuners), I have not installed the TV tuner card which I do have in either one of my latest 2 PCs, and I do not subscribe to any TV channel providers either (the Internet gives me everything I can possibly need, and then some, so why bother).
Newer consoles can connect to a PC monitor though, so that would not really be an issue.

Never really saw the appeal of buying a console, except way too few games (that very briefly tempted me to consider it), which I eventually played in emulation mode on the PC, many years later.
I also never owned any handhelds more complicated than an ancient Tetris one back when I was a kid, and seldom ever play anything on my smartphone, even if I have several dozen games loaded (it's similar to the controller issue, the screen is too small and the input too clumsy for my taste).
And if I am ever on the move and not in front of my PC, I prefer to read e-books instead of playing something, anyway.

I'm a nightmare case for console makers :D

Sickone November 14 2012 2:49 PM EST

P.S. The only console I would even begin to consider purchasing would be the upcoming Ouya.
For obvious reasons...'s basically a console-like cube that's actually a smartphone engine but it's built like a PC and costs under 100$.

Sickone November 14 2012 2:58 PM EST

Speaking of Planetside 2 and its PC-only status, the hilarious part comes in the partnership between Sony and CCP Games (makers of PC-only EVE-Online) in publishing the FREE TO PLAY (freemium style, with payment for extras you don't feel like earning the hard way, but with EVERYTHING available on the market though regularly-earned in-game credits) persistent world MMO shooter Dust514 on the PlayStation (links with the PC game, same world, you can even do orbital bombardment from the PC game into the Playstation game, the beta is already live and working) - one of the very few games that I actually considered for more than a second when deciding on maybe buying a PS3 for (or maybe a PS4 whenever it comes out).

Sickone November 14 2012 2:58 PM EST

Dudster4 November 14 2012 3:02 PM EST

I actually have a beta invite for that and was debating finding a cheap ps3 on craigslist to play it. I played EVE alot...well I didn't play but I subscribed and trained skills for years. But I just like having more than a handful of people to shoot at...I like having thousands.

Duke November 15 2012 12:39 AM EST

I am with sickone on this, i only have a PC but i own a TV that is hock on my PC so when i watch a movie i drop its on the TV and switch the sound to my TV its great to have your PC in the middle of your living room. AS for console the only reason i would get 1 is to play NHL 2013 as ALL the others game i dont not care.

Bounty Hunter November 15 2012 3:52 AM EST

NHL 2013 is awesome!!! I agree duke. But maybe this is the point where the serious gamers are trending towards the PC platform while the entertainment value and TV/Livingroom setup is geared towards gaming with family and friends. Just a thought.

Quyen November 15 2012 4:23 PM EST

I'm sad. it's not for PC :(

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] November 15 2012 6:29 PM EST

Ouya looked interesting, I saw it on Kickstarter a while back.. seemed like they were on the right track.

The new WII-U looks kind of cool... less like the wii, more like the typical console you'd think of with some nice added features. However the only reason I'd even get one is because I'm a diehard Legend of Zelda fan.. essentially the only reason I own a Wii (which I haven't played in forever), Gamecube, and N64 (Though to be fair both GC and N64 had multiple great games on them)

I've got a 360 that I pretty much never use anymore, never bother with the PS3 after I saw how badly Sony botched the launch of it. (Was working at EBgames at the time and was following the industry closely... Sony screwed up big time back there)

However, I am, and always will be, a PC gamer at heart. Which is why I laughed when I heard about PC gaming was dead/dying about 7 years ago when I was working at EBgames (GameStop).

Also I haven't really read the article, and I just skimmed through the posts... so this is me just blowing lots of hot air for the most part..

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