CB idea Zen-aid :P (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer December 1 2012 6:36 PM EST

too bad there was not a system, which you yourself has suggest Zen; Guild Bank. An accessory to clans that can hold a limted reserve of items. With a range of ranks incorporated giving a range of available banking options like Deposit, Withdrawl, Tagging items so as they belong to the guild, Untagging Item, Recall Item, Process clan applicants, Remove clan mate, Create Rank, Delete, Modify players rank. (I want to disclaim myself as being the owner of this idea)

Pros: a positive way to make the game more risk free, promotes player interaction.

Cons: Betrayal

TL;DR clan banking system

Duke December 1 2012 8:45 PM EST

Cons: Betrayal

I like its will bring some drama ! might be good to bring some chick to the game.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 1 2012 9:56 PM EST

Well having a Co-Captain would be awesome to help out with most of what you have brought up bro. However I think if done properly Betrayal will not be a con.

TH3 C0113CT0R December 2 2012 11:51 AM EST

I see the guild being used to 'freely' transfer items and by pass the xfer fees. maybe not make items transferable, but only 'rented' from the guild bank?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 2 2012 2:33 PM EST

The purpose of the Guild Bank/Cache would be to Loan things out. The whole Idea was to help players when they needed it without having to involve the outside system and making the items readily available. Having cheaper prices should be a part of the deal to be honest. Clan members of the same clan usually get first dibs on items to be sold and a clan discount to boot. I mean this is something I was taught, have always supported and feel it should apply to this as well.

I would completely support a rent to own system inside and outside the clan system. Rent it out for a certain amount of time, and if it is set as an option, you get to start renting to buy(in payments or in whole). Miss a few payments and it reverts to being rented and applies the payments to it in that manner.

Just a thought...........

Unappreciated Misnomer December 2 2012 3:37 PM EST

just look at games like fallen sword or minethings, they both have a guild bank system and a loan system
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