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Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:00 PM EST

Alright I cannot speak for any of the officers but I can say this. Something happened with NS' account and multiple members have been booted. From what I understand from speaking to Demi is that we will have to wait for 2 weeks and get ppl on the inside to vote for an active leader again.

In the interim I have been in contact with another Guild Leader: Bobo Baggins from Dark Army. He has said that he will welcome any active members just mail him and he'll send you an invite.

Note I am NOT saying the is permanent, however if the powers that run the Guild decide on a Merger then this might be a good way to see if you would like the Guild in the first place. If nothing else we can at least see what the competition does until we can get back with Jabberwocky >:-D

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:18 PM EST


AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:18 PM EST

My account was hacked. I'm not happy about that.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:19 PM EST

Nasty business bro I really am sorry to hear that happened.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:23 PM EST

Check your CMs by the way NS.

BadFish December 18 2012 9:24 PM EST


I'll join DA for now to keep leveling, but once it gets sorted out, I'm Jabberwocky. 4 Life Dawg

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:24 PM EST

I just filed a support request. Here's hoping that somebody can undo all the damage (at the very least, figure out what in the world happened).

Who all was booted?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:25 PM EST

I think all of the most active ppl in the Guild with the exception of Miteke.

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:29 PM EST

Given the "negotiations" that were transpiring, the only logical conclusion is that your "friendly" guild, Dark Army, hacked my account to shepherd in a merger. I would emplore all of you to dump them like a bad habit and show them what CB players really are made of.

We don't do these kinds of things. That's not our style. I am livid right now.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:29 PM EST

Nope i was wrong....it was all of the Members that were prepped. Nice touch I bet it was an opposing Guild.

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:30 PM EST

In the meantime, will somebody please send me and sebidach invites to get back in?

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:31 PM EST

Ugh.... whoever did it dumped all of my mushrooms and killed my whole inventory.

This was obviously Dark Army.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:32 PM EST

Well before we jump to any conclusions I think it best to know for sure. I would urge you to remember that the Leader for Dark Army is a Forum Mod and runs guilds in several servers.....he would lose a EVERYTHING for doing something like this. I don't know about you but I seriously doubt anyone would want to lose everything in all the servers for a couple members on just one.

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:33 PM EST

Good. Then he will.

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:35 PM EST

Whoever it was played my account very thoroughly... I'm now on a level 8 tower instead of 3.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:38 PM EST

Just a thought and I would urge you to set your frustration to the side for a moment before you answer this. How would you feel if you were helping someone else's Guild out on the word of a member just to be blamed when a coincidence happens?

Honestly what if this truly is a coincidence and not a malicious act on his part?

Again better to know than blindly accuse. If it is true I will be the first to drop if not where do you think that puts me and the others that are there already just waiting for things to settle down with Jabberwocky?

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 9:43 PM EST

Z, it's plainly obvious. If it wasn't one of them directly, then it was someone associated with them. They wanted us to merge, I've repeatedly said no each and every time... and now suddenly, everyone that they wanted was kicked from our guild and they just "happen" to have open waiting arms for everyone that wants a home.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 9:49 PM EST

Never knew they wanted to Merge before, never heard anything about it. As a matter of a fact I was the one that brought it up to begin with not Bobo. As far as everyone they wanted I have never been privy to it so I wouldn't know. All I do know is that I was approached by another Guild due to my activity levels, this is not the first time it has happened to me. I am sure it is the same for the other active members as well. Guilds look to recruit active members this is true no matter where you go.

You can see how this was not plainly obvious to me and therefore probably the same for other Jabberwocky members that got booted.

AdminNightStrike December 18 2012 10:19 PM EST

I know Bobo. He's a jerk. He reminds me of that old admin we used to have here, mrwuss.

If he was on this site, I'd ban him.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 18 2012 10:58 PM EST

NS I understand your frustrations really I do I have been hacked before it sucks big time. However let me be clear on a few things at least as far as I am concerned.

1) Even if Bobo has tried to Merge with Jabberwocky before doesn't mean he was the one to hack you or get you hacked.

2) Being a jerk doesn't make you a hacker. As Bast once said some people don't intent to be a hemorrhoid they are just born that way.

3) Timing no matter how coincidental doesn't automatically make someone guilty even if they act that way.

Finally I will say this I am not defending him per se but I am saying it is wrong to accuse without knowing for sure. Sometimes we can be completely beyond the shadow of a doubt sure about something and STILL be wrong no matter how much supposed evidence we may have. Consider this is all I am trying to say.

Now once everything is settled and taken care of we STILL need to talk concerning the future of the guild. Possibly considering a merger with another guild even if it is not with Dark Army might be something we need as a group.

AdminNightStrike December 19 2012 12:28 AM EST

Please rejoin at this time. We need all the help we can get as fast as possible.

Z and BF, you guys should both have invites. Who else needs one?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 12:56 AM EST

I have an invitation but I will say this I do not like how things are going. Honestly there is nothing to say this won't happen again and again. Nor is there any proof other than your word, while good it's still angry/frustrated, that this is a result of Bobo(jerk or not). I do not think it right to burn a bridge when there is no need to.

I wholly support CB but I do not support personal issues and right now I think that this exactly what is going on between you NS and Bobo. I mean honestly if the hacking had not happened would you have acted the same way and said the same things? If so then I have an issue with that on a whole.

AdminNightStrike December 19 2012 1:07 AM EST

Who the hacker is doesn't change the fact that we are down to 38 members. We can't win a guild fight without people. We need everyone to rejoin.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 1:19 AM EST

Needing members has nothing to do with your actions NS. I have a right to know before I get involved in some stupid blaming Tug-O-War between the two of you just because of some perceived slight.

Bounty Hunter December 19 2012 1:19 AM EST

Level 3 and working on it :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 1:20 AM EST

Oh and just to drive the point home we were not winning a LOT of stuff before NS.

Windwalker December 19 2012 1:57 AM EST

so whats the deal? we drop again and wait for invite from whom?
It is strange they wanted us to join and we happen to get booted from a hacked account.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 2:03 AM EST

I'm not saying there is nothing to it Ww. What I am saying is without proof of it actually being Bobo and Dark Army it could have been anyone from any rival guild. Possibly anyone from any S&F Server, past jaded CB member, jaded S&F Member that decided we were today's target etc etc. Simply jumping to a conclusion is wrong and honestly as before stated I have a problem with that.

Windwalker December 19 2012 2:11 AM EST

Ha! hows it go. if it walks like a duck.
I just dont believe in Coincidence.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 2:57 AM EST

Yeah let's do just that and have what happened before here with the multi hunters. yeah they did find and a few but they also made lol leave when we needed a it most.....funny how right at the moment we are discussing a merging of the guilds that something like this happens. If we merged this would rip the ranks up a bit.....our heavy hitters AND theirs. Yeah this s could be more than one thing and to jump to a conclusion is not necessarily a good thng

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 19 2012 3:31 AM EST

Huh, i was wondering why you all left.
That certainly explains it.

AdminNightStrike December 19 2012 8:05 AM EST

Z, your last post isn't even coherent... I have no idea what you're trying to say anymore.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 8:54 AM EST

NS I was on my phone and in a hurry no need to act this way.

Now to fix what I was saying since I had little time to attempt to post it:

Yeah let's do just that and have what happened before here on CB with the multi-hunters. Yeah they did find a few but they also made a LOT of ppl leave when we needed members most. Also I do find it funny how right at the moment we are discussing a merging of the guilds that something like this happens. If we merged this would rip the ranks up a bit.....our heavy hitters AND theirs. Yeah granted this could be more than one thing and but to jump to a conclusion is not necessarily a good thing.

To Add to it I do feel that you are being completely biased in this NS and honestly the only reason you really and truly gave is that he's a jerk. Big freaking deal all of us have had our day in the jerk chair, granted some longer than others but still this doesn't make for a valid argument.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 5:54 PM EST

Gonna answer any questions there NS? I see you online right now and you just fixed Fishead's thread....missed the "18 Mil not 8 Mil" though.

There is a LOT of unanswered questions here and I refuse to do a thing until I get them. Too much is simply not adding up. If you cannot or will not answer then you have lost a member. Dealing with non-transparency on CB is one thing dealing with it on S&F is quite another.

Demigod December 19 2012 6:51 PM EST

As of yesterday, he submitted info to the mods and was awaiting a response to their investigation to see if they can ban the culprit, if found. I don't expect they told him anything this soon, and they may not even disclose who the attacker's in-game name.

Demigod December 19 2012 6:52 PM EST

Ignore my typo...

AdminNightStrike December 19 2012 6:53 PM EST

Gonna answer any questions there NS? I see you online right now and you just fixed Fishead's thread....missed the "18 Mil not 8 Mil" though.

Zen, you're going nuts again. At 5:54PM when you posted this, I was still in the carpool coming home. I don't have a clue what thread you're talking about, or how to even barely decipher what you mean.

As far as answering your questions.... you've just rattled on about how you're going to stand behind Dark Army and stay in their guild instead of the CB guild. Whatever. We'll make do without you.

Your paranoid rants about transparency make no sense to me. I have no idea at all what you are talking about. What am I required to be divulging to you that I'm not?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 19 2012 7:03 PM EST

Trying to discredit me is not a valid argument NS and you know it so stop while you are ahead you just might lose a Supporting CB Member in me.

It's not about standing behind Dark Army. What this is all about is what you have shown me: ZERO proof that the idea/thought of a merger has ANYTHING to do with Bobo Baggins (Jerk or not) being behind the hacking of your account and the problems with CBs S&F Guild. Your suppositions and rantings concerning him doing or being behind it appears to be nothing more than a perceived slight. As I stated before it could have been anyone and to point at someone right away is akin to the Multi-Hunters on CB when they were in their prime. Coherent enough for you now NS?

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] December 20 2012 4:08 AM EST

Just saying guys, this is getting a bit out of hand and doesn't really pertain to the game we are playing here. I don't mean any disrespect to either of you but this post isn't exactly enticing to new members, which since this game is about 50% based on the forums, is what we need to keep it alive. =/

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 20 2012 6:53 AM EST

None taken Gohan! However I am pursuing this for a very specific reason and it does pertain to this site. Jabberwocky there is an extention/representation and advertisement of CB. If there is not any Ethics, Honesty or Straightforwardness from the Dev in another game how can we or anyone expect it here? If all we can expect is crap then why should we be a part of it in any way shape or form?

A Little History: Back when Multi-Hunting was at its height NS was the voice of reason and many didn't like it. He stood for one thing and one thing only: Get the truth/facts before accusing.

I felt it only fair to hold him to his own standard.
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