Scotch drunk post! (in Off-topic)

Fishead December 24 2012 3:24 AM EST

My cousin bought me a bottle of 18 year old Toamtin that I'm drinking tonight (not the whole bottle). It's a happy drink! My Scotch of choice these days is Lagavulin, but I keep a variety in the house.

Highland Park, Knockando, Laphroaig, Oban, Mccallan, and Glenmorangie (my brother-in-law keeps me supplied with Glenmorangie!) are usually around.

I'm looking for something new. Something different. I've tried a lot of different single malts; too many to remember (I was probably drunk when I tried a lot of them.)

What do you like?

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 24 2012 3:44 AM EST


I like Bourbon as a Regular Hard Liquor, in particular Southern Comfort (Regular or Cherry are both Great!)

My Sweet Drink though is Honey Mead.....Love it!

For something a bit in between I go for Morgan's Spiced Rum.

If I want something to grow hair on my chest I go for Wild Turkey.

and finally if I want something that will level me I go for Everclear!

Fishead December 24 2012 3:57 AM EST If I had that name I probably would have gotten a DUI by now, but my life is too good at this point to screw it up. It actually always has been. I've slept in my car or at a friends house too many times to count. I like Bourbon too! Knob creek is my affordable usual. I seem to be drawn to the Jim Beam Bourbons, especially Booker's when I can spring for it.
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