Bot Checks (in General)

Octavian [Bojangles] December 27 2012 10:40 AM EST

Ack. >.< Seems like every time a customer walks in and I have to help them my last fight prompted a bot check. Is there any rhyme or reason to how often these happen? Seems like some days I can play and get no bot checks, and other times I get 5 in one session of fighting my favorites list.

Achertontus [Sneezels] December 27 2012 10:42 AM EST

I get a bot check like every 3min. The longer I am logged on, the more bot checks. Dang annoying things!

Areodjarekput December 27 2012 10:49 AM EST

I love botchecks, and I save my favorites.

I hope to write a short story/poem using only botchecks someday, but that means I need to start fighting again, so I can get more...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 27 2012 11:29 AM EST

No rhyme or reason it's all RNG based and made for it's name, to check for Bots. I have had days where all I got was one or two then others where I got one every few fights until my BA was completely burned out.

Windwalker December 27 2012 12:18 PM EST

I want my "supporter for 5 years" exemption from those stoopid things.

Achertontus [Sneezels] December 28 2012 10:08 PM EST

try to do a botcheck while your drunk lol
ps: kitten (Admin edit: GL) botchecks

AdminNightStrike December 31 2012 12:50 PM EST

The tcl random number generator isn't all that great. It's not as bad as, say, php, but it's certainly not a wonderful one. That's why the frequency of bot check occurrence doesn't always seem totally random.

miteke [Superheros] December 31 2012 6:54 PM EST

I've found that the checks are more frequent when:
1) I recently failed the first of two botchecks.
2) The system is rally busy and wants to put me off for a while.
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