I WANT THIS BOTTLE! (in Off-topic)

Demigod January 11 2013 2:21 PM EST



Bounty Hunter January 11 2013 2:27 PM EST

Kind of like my Jedi Squirrels...disturbing.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 11 2013 3:08 PM EST

Sign me up for 5!

1. Elephant
2. Seal
3. Blue Whale
4. Panda Bear
5. Leopard

*patiently waits for his order*

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2013 3:19 PM EST

Ah Brewdog. ;)

You should go wiki them to see the full quality of beer they produce. ;)

Barley wine by any other name just isn't good enough! :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2013 3:22 PM EST

> The title "strongest beer of the world" has since fallen back to Mr. Tscheuschner from the Schorschbräu brewery in Germany, whose Schorschbock 57 boasts an ABV of 57.5%



Demigod January 11 2013 5:13 PM EST

Despite having tried quite a vast collection of beers, I've never had anything from Brewdog. If I remember, I'll ask my local craft importer if he has anything in stock. It sounds like an excuse for a trip over there, anyway.

AdminG Beee January 13 2013 3:03 AM EST

Brewdog have a pub only a couple of miles away from my office and we visit occasionally in the run-up to the weekend. There's a full menu of beers to choose from and some are so strong you're served in a shot glass. Pretty expensive though...
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