RoS E, Monk, Mage, E - pointers? (in General)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 23 2013 10:46 PM EST

In the event that this current NCB doesn't go the distance, which is...very likely at the rate I'm going, I'm thinking of using a 4-minion strategy. Setup is as follows:

Enchanter 1
100% DM
Base AS that is augmented by a Rune of Solitude

Max Unarmed Combat
HGs, Combat Gi, DBs(?), HoC (provided I can even get one with how crucial they are to builds nowadays), Sling of Death

1/4 Decay
Max Haste
Probably going to need Noldorins for this guy if I'm going to put so little in Decay.

1/4 Anti-Magic Field
Max Giant Strength

Just by the way I'm training them and the amount of EXP dilution this will entail, I already have this feeling that I'm going to be very vulnerable to EC teams. DM isn't a problem with the RoS, of course, but if it's strong enough to make my GS and Haste worthless, I'm in trouble.

Any ideas for how I'm gonna go about this?

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 23 2013 10:53 PM EST

Addendum: this is for the next NCB I make.

NS, that edit button would really ease a lot of people's worries...

Thug [Sponge] January 23 2013 11:32 PM EST

There is a stat to beat any other. So commit to one and go for it.
If you are going to use HG I would suggest you train some true strength to get the most out of them.

I believe your other enchants will still have to stay above your DM you will have to look at the percentages. good luck.


Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 24 2013 1:20 AM EST

Keep your DM at 40% of your tat level so you dont eat into your amf if that's what you're aiming for

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 24 2013 3:40 AM EST

Thug: Hmm, hadn't thought of that. I think I'll change it to 1/2 natural ST and the rest in UC, then.

Xenogard: Ah, right--it only blocks up to that much, doesn't it?

I'll keep that in mind, though I'm not sure of what I'm going to place all that EXP in if it's already at 40%.

Neo Japan January 24 2013 12:17 PM EST

Instead of SoD on UC minion, go for either an AXbow or Exbow. Axbow, you will start to dodge all attacks from enemy, because your evasion, and if enemy is using a Ax or Exbow, then you will be more likely to dodge it and not suffer the Dex or ST loss penalties. Plus you will hit them more times per round.

Neo Japan January 24 2013 12:19 PM EST

and EBs instead of DBs. DBs will work in the beginning, but you will actually benefit more from the skill increase from the EBs later as your UC gets higher

Hivemind [The Hive] January 24 2013 2:05 PM EST

Base AS that is augmented by a Rune of Solitude is not nearly enough HP. I run a 4 min RoS strat that has the RoS min run a 90% AS and a lot of times that is still not enough.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 24 2013 8:50 PM EST

Neo Japan: I'd rather *not* use either of those with this strat, but if the Sling of Death doesn't work out so well I'll go hunting for one.

Hivemind: I'm guessing training whatever's left from putting DM at 40% of tat level into my AS won't be enough, either? Could be wrong, but it sounds pretty likely.

Hivemind [The Hive] January 24 2013 9:52 PM EST

Unless you end up with a insane ammount of damage it will not be enough. I would say 50/50 DM/AS would be bare min. Little light but still workable.
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