Archer team build (in General)

roy7 February 2 2013 11:12 PM EST

Getting ready to start my NCB sometime soon. I'm pretty diluted though. Here's the basic setup I was thinking. Any feedback appreciated:

Char 1, Archery, 1/2 EC 1/2 Haste
Char 2, PL, Max HP, TSA
Char 3, Archery, 1/2 AS, 1/2 AMF, RoBF
Char 4, Archery, Max GS

The wall using a crossbow of some sort, the other 3 using Mageseekers. Two are normal archer setups (except for DX gear since I'm relying on Haste instead of direct DX training). The wall wears TSA. #3 in my lineup wears at RoBF as my melee backup plan for combat going past ranged. (The archers wearing Elven Hauberk or Mithril Chain.)

I know this is an expensive setup and I know I'll run out of money eventually and not be able to go further. That's okay. I think I'll enjoy it. :)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 2 2013 11:20 PM EST

Well if you are going strictly for Mages this is not a bad set up at all if you stick to all EH's for the Archers. If you are looking for a bigger target group 3 Mage Seekers are not the route to go. You will need to add some heavy damage to it, possibly including a Melee weapon or two. I would suggest at least one with a SoC and a MoD.(PL User?)

Just a few opinions/thoughts :-)

roy7 February 2 2013 11:30 PM EST

MoD isn't something I ever considered. Cool idea though. I forgot all about this:

Secondary effect: Ignores the effects of Phantom Link.

And wiki says physical damage absorbed by my own PL will charge the SoC.

Thug [Sponge] February 2 2013 11:39 PM EST

I would suggest SoC & MH One archer with a mage seeker.

i would also say ditch the EC & AMF and go 100% haste and AS.

and you might add Steel skin on the wall but not sure on that.

if you are attacking all mage teams no need for EC, if melee teams no need for amf.

you want your Haste and GS to grow faster than other.

If any thing maybe later adding a little dm later.

Good Luck

roy7 February 2 2013 11:41 PM EST

I guess I was thinking EC and AMF more defensively, but you are right that alone won't probably expand my target list. And if I'm only targeting mage teams, then EC is pointless. A physical team attacking me won't be slowed by the EC at my exp dilution levels.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 2 2013 11:53 PM EST

A Little bit goes a long way in a close fight.....maybe training at low levels to take the edge off would be prudent rather than not training at all.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 2 2013 11:57 PM EST

If you have the money to back it, going all archers using haste n GS isn't a bad thing. However, a ToA or RoS would serve you way better than RoBF

IPoop February 3 2013 6:17 AM EST

yeah unless your spending money on this game or have already got large weapons lined up id find another strat as your looking at the upkeep and growth of 3+ weapons ... a weapon around 20 mill networth will soon be small on your team ... 3+ ....

not trying to put you off but its bad enough trying to upgrade 1 or two weapons on just one minion whilst getting other gear etc

Dudster4 February 3 2013 7:35 AM EST

Yes, this strategy relies on a lot of CBD to pump NW into your weapons. I'm spending at least 10m a week, although buying BA during XP times accounts for a lot of that. Any strategy will work effectively though as long you take the time to find the right targets.

roy7 February 3 2013 8:48 AM EST

Maybe it'll be a short lived waste of time when I run out of funds. :) Appreciate all the feedback though!

Thug [Sponge] February 3 2013 1:55 PM EST

Just do it and have fun doing it.

You will learn from it, hopefully a lot.

Fishead February 3 2013 2:18 PM EST

I think the expensive strats are the most fun. Hard if you are in a clan because once you get into the upper levels you get your butt kicked by all the other clan guys unless you can afford to keep it up or are willing to change it. I chose to get my butt kicked for now.

Hivemind [The Hive] February 4 2013 4:10 AM EST

Char 1, Archery 1/10, Max Haste
Char 2, PL 1/4, Max HP, TSA
Char 3, Archery 1/10, 1/2 AS, 1/2 DM, RoBF
Char 4, Archery 1/10, Max GS

That would give you max GS/Haste vs moderate DM. Big DM will get you so need to avoid them. Your DM would be enough to reduce some of the lesser enchants SS, GA and hit on their AS.

Bows take a big hit in melee. Lower dex and fire every other round. You already have a CB$ problem so your not going to be able to have big melee weapons. ES might be a good choice because you can get quite a bit of damage out of moderately sized ES in a long fight.

roy7 February 4 2013 3:50 PM EST

Only take 2 days to pass the power of my #2 guy. Heh. In a week maybe this will be my new highest character. Crazy! NCB is nuts.

roy7 February 4 2013 6:21 PM EST

Hive, here is my current design. For every 1008 EXP (per minion) I train:

1: 120 Archery, 84 EC, 804 Haste
2: 948 HP, 60 PL (TSA)
3: 120 Archery, 84 AMF, 804 AS (RoBF)
4: 120 Archery, 888 GS

I have to train by exact XP to nail the right amount of Archery to be 1/5 the effect of the trained GS. I'm OCD like that. :)

Since damage doesn't scale with DEX, only ST, and I mostly fight mages so I'm at max DC PTH anyway, I could free up exp out of that haste. It never entered my mind to use DM. In fact, I've never ran any character with DM before.

Right now my two biggest dangers are fighting people with huge DM (hopeless, must avoid) and a reasonably large GA. The GA eats me up. The RoBF actually does so much damage, I was tempted to take my weapons off the wearer so GA can't kill him.

Hivemind [The Hive] February 4 2013 10:29 PM EST

DM would help with GA but you cant run that and EC/AMF since the DM would dispel them. Like others have said you dont really need EC/AMF for that strat. Your def is high HP from AS/PL so even though it never hurts to have more def its not what you need most.

roy7 February 4 2013 10:38 PM EST

Ok I'll think about un-training those, and add some DM. I could train DM on all 3 guys evenly to a smaller extent, to my AS/Haste/GS are all the same size. Or better to max Haste/GS as high as possible?
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