archer (in General)

kevann February 4 2013 12:39 AM EST

i read the strat page and decided to try it its working just fine but how do i go about spending my money on gear and stuff and should i get other skills besides archery

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 4 2013 1:22 AM EST

You should use the Post I put up for you in your other thread it'll help out a lot with explaining things.

Also fyi unless you are going to have more than one minion you can have only one Skill, EO, and ED. The most popular EO for Archers is DM as it helps a great deal against enchantment heavy opponents. EC and AMF are used as well but usually only with an Archer specifically targeting certain groups. It takes a lot of exp pumped into these two in order to be as effective as needed.....especially EC. The Most popular ED is a toss up between AS and GA. Not that the others are not cool to play around with if you have something clever up your sleeve. Archers usually just stick to EO's since they cannot be dispelled. Hope this helps!
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