Send to: permanently (in General)

DoS February 17 2013 5:14 PM EST

Just a thought, when sending to your own character, I think it should automatically select to transfer permanently. It wouldn't be much harder than changing a GET request on the link if its your own character /endonlykindaknowwhattalkingabout

The character page is already different for us if its our own because of the image options (upload, delete).

Obviously just a minor lazyness upgrade, but thanks for reading anyway.

AdminNightStrike February 18 2013 7:50 AM EST

Don't you just do this from the Equip page?

Unappreciated Misnomer February 18 2013 10:11 AM EST

the equip page is fine for an item or two, but say you want to sent 5-10 to another minion its less effort to click some boxes on the external transfer page and use one drop down, then tell the system its not a loaner. but from my experiences you cant loan items to other characters on your account.

tl;dr loaning items to yourself is a permanent transfer.

DoS February 18 2013 1:10 PM EST

My main issue is usually money. If I try to send items and money to myself, then I get an error because you can't loan money. So I was mainly thinking about transferring money around characters when I made my OP.

miteke [Superheros] February 18 2013 4:25 PM EST

As soon as the user selects an option to send something to a character they own, a javascript could easily select the transfer permanently option.

AdminNightStrike February 19 2013 12:01 PM EST

I'm fine with this change if Verifex wants to implement it, but I still don't see a use case that isn't easier on the Equip page. You can send more than one piece of equipment at once on that page, and even to different destinations (which is a bigger bonus).
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