CB's Favicon (in General)

QBPixel Sage February 25 2013 7:21 PM EST

Can we replace that atrocious favicon I made half a decade ago? If the answer is yes, I have a new image ready:

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] February 25 2013 7:34 PM EST


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] February 25 2013 8:07 PM EST

You used to developed phone apps too right?

If so think you could help NS with CB's still in Alpha phone app?

QBPixel Sage February 25 2013 8:32 PM EST

I still work on iPhone games =P. But mostly on graphics. At this time, I can't really take on additional projects like a mobile CB. But if I were to work on it, I'd be an advocate of stripping it down to CB's bare bones. It could be a giant FIGHT button for all I care.

AdminNightStrike February 26 2013 7:34 AM EST

Yes. You should still have commit rights.

QBPixel Sage March 1 2013 4:28 AM EST

Doesn't look like my old credentials are working. I'll just post up the PNG here tomorrow when I get to work and hope it appears in my tab one day =]

IPoop March 1 2013 3:02 PM EST

cheers for the effort your putting in after only just coming back pix!

QBPixel Sage March 1 2013 4:18 PM EST

Jonathan suspects that my account didn't get merged into the new machine, and says that you can help me set up a new account. Otherwise, here is the updated favicon!

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