pr/mpr (in General)

ThatOneMan March 26 2013 10:36 PM EDT

i forgot, how does score, PR, and MPR relate to each other?

my score is 683k with PR / MPR : 323,293 / 236,518

is that good? decent? horrible?


Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 26 2013 10:43 PM EDT

PR = Equipment weight and worth

To get the best results for score you should try to have your PR below your score. Super optimal would be to have your PR as low as your MPR(or lower) while having your Score twice that(or more) of your PR. This would yield the highest bonuses for rewards ;-)

ThatOneMan March 26 2013 10:47 PM EDT

my PR is half my score and only 100k more than my MPR.

so that is pretty decent i would think? lol

Sickone March 27 2013 10:50 AM EDT

The score doesn't directly matter to you, only indirectly.
Your own score does NOT matter for the reward calculation of fights you participate in.
INDIRECTLY, a high score generally attracts attackers, but a high score also allows you to hit higher-score targets without draining their score too much.
Ideally, you should try to have your score hover somewhere around 2x PR at most (preferably even lower), but it's not very important at all generally, and only somewhat important if you're part of a fight clan (where you really do NOT want to get attacked too often).

Your PR matters the most to you.
Other than clan bonuses and BA cost multipliers, your own PR and your opponent's score and PR are (AFAIK) the only factors that actually affect your fight rewards.
Base rewards are proportional to BA costs (which are somewhat proportional to BA regeneration rates, but with a finer gradient) and to a smaller degree to your opponent's PR.
The challenge bonus (which goes up to at most +100%) depends only on the ratio between your PR and your opponent's score (actual score on each hit, not cached displayed score).
So, you generally want to reliably successfully 1-hit-kill teams with as high PR as you possibly can, while also reducing your own PR to as low as possible as long as you can still hit those high PR targets. Depending on available target selection, intentionally lowering your PR even further might be a good idea sometimes.

Your MPR (actually, VPR, which includes untrained XP) by itself matters only for BA cost and BA regeneration rate (depending on ratio between your VPR and top game VPR), and of course, MTL.
On the other hand, PR is linked to MPR in a fairly simple way : PR is always sum ( minion MPR * minion multiplier), where the multiplier is determined by the sum total of minion worn gear upgrade levels (each gear has a different contribution rate, and you can see that in the wiki).
Here "gear" means anything equipped on your minions, including any tattoo, but the tattoo is calculated differently and separately (based on tattoo level and team MTL, not any individual minion MPR).

So, your overall PR addition is under 37%, which is fairly reasonable, even somewhat low (if memory serves right, a tattoo at or over MTL already would add 33%), which means you could easily stand to drop some more CB$ into gear NW.
Your score is slightly above double your PR, which is not that bad at all (at least not at your current size), but since you are a member of a fight clan, you may want to prepare yourself mentally for not-that-distant-future increasing amount of incoming attacks from other N*B-running clan members at first, then later also veteran players that are pretty bored to look for the best targets around and ending up just hitting anybody even halfway reasonable in a bonus-earning clan, just for the clan points.

Sickone March 27 2013 11:01 AM EDT

P.S. When I said hit targets "with as high PR as you possibly can", that was meant to be a sort of tie-breaker in case of similar target scores.
Ideally, especially early on, you should try to find targets with scores around or even slightly above double your own PR in order to maximize the challenge bonus (which, especially early on, has a much larger influence on your overall rewards), and use the target PR as a tie-breaker in deciding which are the more worthwhile targets.
Later on you might not be able to successfully hit targets with such higher scores, or your own score could end up attracting too much unwanted attention (some is expected, too much could be problematic), so you might wish to prioritize targets with somewhat higher PR but slightly lower score (or maybe, if your clan is understanding, power through that growth period with stoicism and hope you quickly outgrow your assailants before they cause too much trouble).
It's pretty difficult to proclaim a single simple rule on target selection, since so many factors matter at the same time, especially in the long run ;)

Sickone March 27 2013 11:09 AM EDT

P.P.S. If you prefer, just for your particular circumstances (relatively new character, assuming an understanding clan), general rule of thumb would be to ignore your own score altogether for now, try to raise your PR as much as possible, and hit the highest PR targets you possibly can that have a score at least double your own PR.
As soon as you start getting pretty big negative clan points, it could be time to revise that policy, but not worth bothering with anything else before then.
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