I realy just wish... (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer March 31 2013 11:33 AM EDT

no one was able to sell out. Idc if they did not want to come back. They left nothing for the the future and that is whats wrong with this game.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 31 2013 12:08 PM EDT

In a way I agree with you but in all honesty the game doesn't give them anything other than a playground for a while. Even to play on the playground properly they have to pay, sometimes to the extreme. This counts as not only personal time but also real world money. So I ask you with this in mind why should anyone leave anything for the future players to utilize? Those people never did anything for the items or property in the in first place except be there. Note I am saying this counts for both NUBs and for departing Vets.

Bottom line those players have the right to do what they want with their property as they paid for it. If they wanted to be jerks they could sell the items to the store, instead of do a Sellout, and give the general public the middle finger.

Just sayin..........

Unappreciated Misnomer March 31 2013 1:17 PM EDT

leave money out of this and make a better arguement.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 31 2013 1:23 PM EDT

I said "Time" and "Money" both are invaluable resources and a PERFECT source for the Truth of the Matter you are attempting to bring up. This is not even an argument. Make a better rant if that is the case.

I was Dignifried Bean March 31 2013 5:22 PM EDT

Funny you should bring this up. I sold out about 5 years ago, I took RL cash for my CB cash and gave away a lot of my good gear to friends in the game.
Since then, much to my surprise, I have returned and "tinkered" with a new character several times.
Every time I come back I wish I had never sold out.
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