filtering opponents (in General)

ThatOneMan April 1 2013 8:33 AM EDT

Is there a way to filter opponents based on MPR/Power instead of score?

I fought a guy in my list at my score and he owned me. His AS gave him almost 900k HP. He had a max tat of over 2mil. My max tat is only 300k.

Obviously that opponent isn't in my range to be fighting.

When I am on my phone playing I can't really inspect opponents first so I Just go down my list but by going by score isn't really fair matchups

Unappreciated Misnomer April 1 2013 8:46 AM EDT

go to Settings, in the right most section Supporter Preferences (update).
Sort opponents list by(has a drop down for score or power)

thats the best i can do.

you can always try to fight characters that belong to tourney prize. here is a link to a list of all non retired characters in CB. just a note that on the first page of that link shows most of the characters on tourney prize they are labelled as #m-#(ex 0.8m-4)

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] April 1 2013 1:51 PM EDT

^ The above, I do it all the time when I hit that range of MPR
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