Black Market vs Drops (in General)

Thug [Sponge] April 5 2013 10:52 PM EDT

Figured maybe this should have it own post.

The Black Market is not over saturating the auction house. This change

is the best one in a while and forces people to work together to get

anything out. If anything needs fixed it is the drop system. We are

lucky to push one thing out a week, and that is if we are lucky, from

the BM. The Drop system seem like two or three items a day, even

through some are not worth getting. Instead of drops reward new

players at 3,6,9, 12 months with item none supporter, but more

valuable the longer you stay. Maybe have to trade it in for the

next higher level prize. I much prefer to force something out of the

BM, if they change it back I will not vote in it again. There are

not enough players to push anything out if it is changed back.



Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 5 2013 11:30 PM EDT

Yes and No. The incentives idea I like but having a lower system setting for the BM is just the same as a High Drop System.......worthless and unnecessary.

Streamline them both by upping the settings just enough to reflect the active player base.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 6 2013 12:03 AM EDT

The BM used to be really good. It was then changed to 1 vote a day. This can easily lead to over saturation and a lot of users have noticed this (including myself) and now refuse to vote in the BM.

It now hardly takes any sort of "work together" to get items pushed through. Just 4-5 people with a decent memory to vote every day.

Either way, I refuse to vote until it is fixed to its old way.

Thug [Sponge] April 6 2013 12:06 AM EDT

You need to look at it again.

We have not been able to push a shield of capacity the past two weeks.

And it requires people to work together to even accomplish it.

I would prefer the drop system to go away, cute at first.

I like the newer players getting rewarded, like I suggested.

As for the BM settings going up, Lock It so it can birth an item no more than once a week.

Thug [Sponge] April 6 2013 12:20 AM EDT

Ok, this to my thought on the subject.

I recall a couple of the items I got from drops.

rune of bf, mageseeker, SoD, some really good items.

That I did not have to pay a dime for.

Just because you vote on item in the BM and it comes out. Does not mean that you will get it.

A better fix to Drop system if you want to keep it would be to make it money drops instead.

I would not flood the auction house with items and you could still make poor choices on how to spend it.

Then making the random amounts. The more money the rarer the event.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 6 2013 1:31 AM EDT

A bit of History as an FYI:

The Random Drop System was created in order to keep the market from being saturated with CBD. It takes 20% of the players cash in order to fund the RDS in the first place. So CBD drops would actually be counterproductive for what it was instated for in the first place.

A good fix for it would be to taper it back 50% and Drop the cash percentage taken in exchange to 10%.

For the BM again taper it to fit the player base ie it would go up/down in accordance with how many people are actively playing.( 1 a Day votes should go away as well)
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