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ThatOneMan April 13 2013 3:57 PM EDT

anyone know of any good free MMORPGS that i can download?

I am looking for something with good PvP/Raids.

i been looking around but i just hate waiting forever for a download to play it for 20 minutes and it be an epic fail.

so i thought i would ask and see if there were any you guys like/play

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 13 2013 4:42 PM EDT

RYL was the best free MMORPG I have played to date. Sadly they took it down. The PVP in that game was so much fun! And farming involved pulling which made things more interesting.

As for now, I don't really play any MMORPGS. It is hard to get into them because I always compare them to RYL and find them lacking. RIP RYL :(

Dudster4 April 13 2013 5:53 PM EDT

Planetside 2 is what I play, though It's an mmofps. Imagine battlefield on roids. 2000 players per map 64 sq k/m.

Optimus(Prime) April 14 2013 1:41 AM EDT

I play Ragnorok 2, but its only a SEA version, so everyone there has very bad English.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 14 2013 1:44 AM EDT

Ps2 is fun but not a classic mmorpg

Tyrker [Black Watch] April 14 2013 4:28 PM EDT

I know it's not a MMORPG but DOTA 2 has filled my MMORPG itch. Leveling, farming and PVP all into a 30-40 min match is great fun. Need to get a hold of an invite or request one from the company (or pay on steam) but it's pushed eve online out of the way for my itch, and my GF even plays it with me :) (and kicks my butt sometimes :/ )

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 14 2013 7:34 PM EDT

I would recommend LoL over Dota if it is the first time playing a MOBA.

ThatOneMan April 14 2013 8:59 PM EDT

I played LoL and was 3 levels away from being able to play ranked games.

Started playing DOTA2 and I really like it. Only thing I hate is when someone leaves and then the whole match/time is a waste.

Sickone April 14 2013 10:23 PM EDT

Well, if you want, I could be persuaded to hook you up with a 51-day free-of-charge EVE-Online experience.

To put it bluntly, it's one of the very few MMOs that is still around while still using a subscription model, AND NOT JUST THAT, BUT STILL GROWING many years later... that's saying something.
PvP is awesome for lack of a better word, "raids" are closer to PvP gameplay than most other MMOs (especially higher-level ones), and the game even has a player-elected council (it's actually election season right now).
You can see plenty of trailers and fan-made vids on youtube to get a better idea.

Back to the 51 day thing...
I'd have to send you an invite for a 21-day trial, then wire you in-game funds for an in-game 30 day pass purchase which you would then instantly use to upgrade to full membership (at this point I would automatically also get 30 days added to my own game time as a referral bonus, so this makes it essentially free for me, minus the risk of you shafting me for those ingame funds).
You would essentially be getting 51 days of normally paid-for gameplay free of charge... after which you can EITHER start earning in-game cash to pay to other players for game time (which they pay in cash for), or start paying cash yourself.

You would need a marginally decent PC before trying it out though... meaning, at least a video card that used to be mid-high range 3-4 years ago, at least 2 GB of system RAM, and at least a dual core CPU at over 1.5 GHz or thereabouts (if not, you might need to reduce graphic detail below pleasant levels).

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] April 15 2013 11:34 AM EDT

@EoD, I used to play RYL, you're the first person I've ever run into who's even heard about the game lol.

@LoL vs Dota2; LoL is easier to pick up and play, plus LoL has Dominion which I prefer over the typical MOBA style gameplay. Dota2 seems to have a bit more of a learning curve and (as far as I know) only supports the standard MOBA style maps. So LoL wins in the catagory for me, but I'm biased because as I said I only play dominion because I personally find it more enjoyable (more PvP focus, less worrying about lane control or farming creeps)

@Sickone, CM me man, I've been wanting to test out that game for ages but the subscription model has always kept me from diving into it. If I can get a free 51 days in with it I think that'll give me a good idea whether or not it's something I'd like to stick with. Also I'll try to get you back your in game money if I can, if not I'll pay you some other way ;P

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] April 15 2013 11:55 AM EDT

Lol xeno same for me. Which ones did you play?

Sickone April 15 2013 1:25 PM EDT

Xeno : no need to pay me back the in-game cash (ISK), I am already getting back stuff worth roughly as much as I send you if you use the ISK to buy a PLEX (in-game 30-days-of-game-time market item) and immediately use that PLEX to add gametime to your account (effectively activate your special 21-day trial and lose all trial account restrictions the first time you log back in after doing that - normally trials are just 14 days, but those from invites that yield rewards are 21 days long).

Anybody who wants this needs to fit one single criteria - namely, be an old enough CB player so I have good reason to believe I won't get shafted by having the ISK outright stolen.

You have to do just two things :
(1) CM me the email address you want me to feed into the system so it sends you one of the special reward invites
(2) then (after you have created your character), for confirmation
-(2a) here, CM me your EVE character name
-(2b) in EVE, evemail me from your new character with your CB name

My EVE main character name is "Akita T" (without the quotes).
There's a few more with similar names, so if in doubt, make sure this is the portrait :


P.S. You have 3 character slots on each account, but only one of them can be in active skill training at any given time on one account, and you can only use one of them actively (you need multiple accounts to log in multiple characters at the same time - there is no limit to the number of PAID FOR accounts you're allowed to have, but you are limited to only one trial mode account per PC).
You can delete ("biomass") any created character to free up a slot and also free up the name (all names must be unique game-wide, and that includes non-user-deleted characters on expired accounts).
Skill training happens in real-time, and there's very little you can do to accelerate or slow it down, but each skill in the game is capped at an upper limit of "Level 5", with exponentially more time needed for each subsequent level (from scratch to L3 is trivial for most skills, but L5 takes insane amounts of time), and doing any specific thing requires only a very small portion of the available skills simultaneously (but there are nearly 400 different skills, some which take less than a week to fully master, while others can take over 2 months).
Characters can be transferred between accounts at any time, for a moderate transfer fee (fixed amount, regardless of age, payable in cash or PLEX).
Characters are also frequently traded for ISK on the forums.

P.P.S. I would strongly suggest you read the stickies in the new user section of the forums and/or the appropriate section of the official wiki (or even some of the unofficial wikis).

Sickone April 15 2013 1:30 PM EDT

I mean, read a bit of it before even creating your character.
Oh, and you'll probably end up spending quite a bit of time on the character creator itself until you're satisfied with the looks.

Race and bloodline used to matter a bit more in the past, now the choice is almost entirely cosmetic (all started attributes can be rearranged periodically with a free redistribution on creation, and differences in starting skills are minimal).
You'd also best do (at least some of) the tutorials, as many of them not only give you an idea of what you can do and how to do it, but also feature fairly decent starter character in-game rewards for completion.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] April 16 2013 2:18 AM EDT

^ Will look into it when I have time, I'll shoot you a CM soon-ish ;P

Sickone April 16 2013 2:30 AM EDT

You can always first create a regular trial from a throwaway email address just to test that the game download/install worked (it's not that small at all anymore, it takes up 11.3 GB on the HDD when fully decompressed), that your PC can handle the graphics (it probably can), to fine-tune the graphics-vs-performance settings (just so you know, at similar settings, the "full body avatar" section generally has a FPS that's nearly 3 times lower than the "ships in space" section, but you can adjust some of the graphics detail settings individually for each section), and last but not least to get familiar with the character creation tools (or even do a quick run of the initial tutorial, just to see how space flight handles and fine-tune that graphics settings side too).
And after that ask for an extended trial into which you can then jump right in without all of the above (of course, giving me a different email address from the previous throwaway you just used, to send the extended invite to).
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